Striking a Sodium-Potassium Balance

Weight Loss Question: I was always told that salt causes you to retain water… how is Morton® Lite Salt different?

SlimGenics Program Director, Kim C’s Expert Answer:

You may have seen the acronym MLS mentioned, and if you have been following the SlimGenics Program for a while, you immediately know what this means – Morton Lite Salt. Not only does MLS contain 50% less sodium than regular salt, the sodium-potassium balance it contains provides key nutrients and benefits when taken in the right amounts, on a daily basis. As most people do not get the right amount of this powerful nutrient blend, MLS is an excellent addition to your spice cabinet.

There was a great thread in the SlimGenics Members Community from a few years back about the importance of Morton Lite Salt, and the sodium-potassium balance. Valued SlimGenics client, Bwaldera, put it best when she said, “It is SO important to get in your MLS, not for the saltiness but for the potassium. Potassium is a mineral involved in electrical and cellular body functions. In the body, potassium is classified as an electrolyte. It is a very important mineral to the human body. It has various roles in metabolism and body functions and is essential for the proper function of all cells, tissues, and organs: It assists in the regulation of the acid-base balance. It assists in protein synthesis from amino acids and in carbohydrate metabolism. It is necessary for the building of muscle and for normal body growth. It is essential for the normal electrical activity of the heart.”

Well said, Bwaldera!

As many of us know, too much sodium in your diet can be very dangerous, and the truth is that most Americans consume more than twice the amount of sodium that the American Heart Association recommends! While some foods naturally contain sodium, more than 75% of the sodium we consume on a daily basis comes from processed foods, and sodium-added ingredients. Which is why it is so important to read the nutrition labels before purchasing new food items, and compare the sodium content with similar products to make sure you’re choosing the one with the lowest amount of sodium possible.

If we were to cut the average sodium intake amount in half, to less than 1500 mg per day, it is estimated that high blood pressure would decrease by 26%. This number equates to roughly $26 billion in health care savings, annually! Which is why the SlimGenics STEP™ Program offers a meal plan that is very low in sodium.

However, your body does need a small amount of sodium, as well as a good amount of potassium in order to function properly. MLS has this sodium-potassium balance you need to get the most from your program—no bloating, promise!

Why the emphasis on something so small? Well, MLS adds potassium. Adults need 2,000-2,500 mg of potassium every day. Some of this intake comes from diet, but we also recommend 1/4 teaspoon MLS every day as another source to ensure an excellent sodium-potassium balance.

SlimGenics Clients who have experienced dizziness or feelings of nausea during their weight loss, often report feeling better almost immediately when they begin to consume 1/4 teaspoon of MLS daily. These clients were surprised to find that something so small made such a BIG difference in the way they felt.

Have a great on-plan day,

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