The Quarantine Fifteen: Why It's Not Really Your Fault and What You Can Do

The Quarantine Fifteen: Why It's Not Really Your Fault and What You Can Do

Can we be honest with one another? We’ve been snacking. A lot. With all of the stress, uncertainty and/or confusion, this pandemic is the perfect recipe for overindulgence and, you guessed it, weight gain. Did you gain the Quarantine Fifteen? Pants feeling a little (or a lot) tighter lately? You’re not alone.

You’re probably asking: What can I do about it? Can I even lose weight right now? Should I?

As always, we love to take challenging situations and realign expectations so that what can feel improbable has now become an easy-to-obtain reality. Stick with us as we discuss the how, the why and the what-you-can-do about the sneaky Quarantine Fifteen.

Why Did I Gain This Kind of Weight?

In times of great stress, weight gain is actually not truly the fault of any one specific action but a culmination of actions that are being further exacerbated by some unruly hormonal responses. We have a much longer explanation of this in our blog, Decoding Three Important Causes of Weight Gain, but let’s talk about it quickly. During times of ongoing stress, your hormones signal to your body to conserve resources which leads to a slowed metabolism, increased inflammation and heightened ability to save energy as fat. Add in a bit of disrupted sleep and your body is primed and ready to gain weight. Additionally, your body also produces more hormones responsible for appetite which sends signals to your brain to overindulge. In short: stress made it much easier for your body to gain weight. So if you gained a few during this rather strange time, it’s honestly normal. The real question then becomes…

What Can I Do About Gaining Weight During the Pandemic? 

Here are a few important things you can do to help your metabolism, balance your hormones and help keep the weight off:

You NEED to Sleep 

Easier said than done, I know. Sleep plays a critical role in how your metabolism functions. By ensuring you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, your metabolism will benefit from proper energy and fewer interruptions to your hormonal levels.

Helpful Tip: Put the phone on silent and place it out of reach at bedtime.

Get Up and Get Moving

While melding with the couch can be tempting, take at least 15 minutes per day to simply move. Whether you like to walk, to dance, or play a sport, just… move. Staying active keeps your metabolism fired up, your digestion more normal and your hormones better balanced. Move more, gain less.

Portion Control

Have you noticed you are much hungrier these days? Again, you can thank stress for increased feelings of hunger and an inclination to overeat. The best defense is strong planning. We strongly recommend prepping your meals for a few days as you can save money, portion your meals correctly and not have to cook. So easy! If you don’t have the time to prepare meals, make it a habit to measure out your foods according to healthy proportion sizes.

Can’t Seem to Get Portion Control Down? 

Our Slim Support Team is always here to educate on a wide variety of topics such as healthy eating, weight loss, portion control, hormonal balance, and more! Don’t struggle alone. We’re here to help make healthy easy! Call us at 855.292.4400 or email us anytime at

Lay Off the Sugar

On top of increased hunger, you may find yourself inclined to sugary treats while stuck at home. There is an interesting biological explanation for this. Sugar is one of the fastest forms of energy processed by your body. So in times of stress, when your body is trying to conserve energy, it seeks fast sources of energy i.e. sugar. There are so many balanced snack options to enjoy such as SlimGenics High-Protein Thermo-Snacks. Check out our delicious selection of decadent (yet healthy) treats, sides, drinks and entrees, here.

I’m Ready to Lose This Weight Right Now!

When you know, you know. And when you’re ready to lose weight the faster and easier way, you come to SlimGenics. We have the perfect option for you to lose your Quarantine Fifteen!

Check out the SlimGenics 14-Day Reboot Program to kickstart your metabolism and get your weight-loss back on track. If you are looking to reach your ultimate goal weight or drop a significant amount of weight, we offer two amazing weight-loss packages:

The SlimGenics Select Weight Loss Program

A nutritionally balanced weight-loss solution designed to help you jumpstart your weight loss and experience great results. With easy-to-follow directions and common-sense lifestyle changes, you will consistently burn fat while eating the foods you love. Take the guesswork out of weight loss with our 4-Phase approach that addresses the root causes of weight gain to help achieve lasting results.

The SlimGenics Complete Weight Loss Program

Along with everything included in the total Select Program, our Complete Program features a premium-package of weight-loss enhancers and the most comprehensive weight-loss support with our Slim Support Team. When you want to give yourself the greatest results with an expert team of support at your side, check out the SlimGenics Complete Program!

We’re In This Together

We want you to know this more than anything else: Though times may be challenging, we are here together with you. Never feel as though you have to accept anything less than feeling strong, as healthy as possible and empowered in your choices. You need us, we’re here! Call us at 855.292.4400 or email us anytime at


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