Say Goodbye to Holiday Stress Eating

Say Goodbye to Holiday Stress Eating

Here’s a secret about stress eating, we have all done it. There is not a single person who has not stress-eaten something to overabundance and then regretted it instantly. What if I told you that our biology is designed to make stress eating very easy to do? It is so common because our bodies are incentivizing us hormonally to blindly consume. Knowing that, we can better understand the nature of stress eating while also implementing a few simple tips to help you kick stress eating to the curb for the New Year. Let’s go!

Ask Yourself Why

As a former championship stress eater, I discovered that a lot of the challenge is being aware that it is even happening. We tend to take a backseat to our own desires sometimes so keeping your relationship with food in the forefront of your mind can help you make healthier eating decisions. One thing I like to do is simply ask myself “Why am I eating this?”. If the answer isn’t related to feeling physically hungry, then stress is likely a factor that has influenced my sudden interest in eating a candy bar. Check in with yourself during your meals. How are you feeling? Are you eating for health or out of stress? What emotions are you processing today? Is there a better way to express your emotions?

Write It Down

One of the best ways to understand your eating habits is to keep a Food Journal to write down your meals each day. By writing things down, you will begin to understand your relationship with food as well as determine places in which you can add healthy substitutions into your diet. Clients of ours know this saying well “If you bite it, write it”. 

Now Make it Healthy

You know us, we believe in the power of never feeling deprived and in fact, depriving yourself of things you enjoy only sets you up for weight-loss failure. By establishing a positive relationship with food centered on balanced nutrition, you can easily take that craving for a candy bar and instead choose an alternative that is more in line with your overall goals. SlimGenics Thermo-Snacks not only taste sinfully decadent but feature a brilliant blend of weight-loss boosting protein and essential amino acids to support your weight-loss goals. No matter the cravings, there is always a way to enjoy something more tailored to your health that also satisfies your cravings in the right way. 

Hormonal Balance

We have written about this before yet it continues to bear repeating, stress plays havoc on your cravings and leads to compounding weight gain by the simple fact that when we are stressed, our very hormones start to tell us to eat more. To learn more about this, read our blog Decoding Three Important Causes of Weight Gain. When you are experiencing increased stress, your hormones can become unbalanced and lead to a host of issues like overeating, poor sleep, slowed metabolism and more. SlimGenics Fem-Slim Hormone Support for Women and Testo-Slim Hormone Support work to help keep hormones balanced so you can help reduce the impacts on ongoing stress on your body. 

Take Time for Yourself

Stress seems to be an unavoidable side effect of 2020. Now, more than ever, be kind to yourself. Take the time to rejoice in the things that add positivity and joy into your life. Unwind, de-stress and check in with yourself. The more we can be good to ourselves, the better our habits become in response. You are amazing. You are worthy of investing in your health, happiness and success. You have done your best and better is still to come. 

Give Yourself a Bit of Grace

Did you stress eat an entire burrito and fall into a food nap? It happens. What matters is how you process that and implement change that improves your response the next time you are stressed. Remind yourself that your self-worth does not come from your size, it comes from how you feel about yourself and the choices you make. Maybe today wasn’t the best, tomorrow will be better and here’s why:

You know what makes you stressed. 

You know how that stress impacts you.

You know it will happen again. 

When it does, you have a healthy meal or snack ready. 

You will be kind to yourself and accountable with yourself to your goals. 


In short, stress happens. Have a plan, be honest with yourself and practice self-love by wanting better for yourself. You got this. And when you need someone in your corner to help you learn more about stress-eating while providing expert feedback, our Slim Support Team is here for you whenever you need us!

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You Friend in Health, 

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