Healthy Flavor Boosters for Your Recipes

Healthy Flavor Boosters for Your Recipes

When you begin eating healthier and start to make healthier choices you will quickly notice your palate changing. You will begin to crave healthier food choices and cravings for unhealthy foods will eventually diminish.

When starting a heathy food regimen, it’s important to be cognizant of empty calories and salt found in sauces, spices and condiments. Finding new ways to season your favorite dishes that won’t add unnecessary calories or eliminate taste is easy. Nutritious meals don’t have to be bland and flavorless! Here are some delicious ways to spice up your favorite recipes.


This spice is potent, fragrant and flavorful. Smoked paprika is great for enhancing the flavor of meats with a smoky finish. Add to chili, beans, soups, stews and more for a delicious flavor. Combine with other spices such as chili powder and garlic to create a savory rub for chicken or beef.


Fill your spice rack with salt-free spice blends and use them to enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes without ramping up sodium levels. We recommend the wide variety of Mrs. Dash salt-free spice blends. These healthy, affordable, sodium-free spices are perfect flavor companions for poultry, meat, fish, vegetables and much more!


Mustards of all varieties make delicious flavor enhancers without tacking on the calories. Enjoy spicy brown mustard, Dijon mustard or create your own flavor with mustard seeds and vinegar! Stray from any mustard blends with the word “honey” in the name, because chances are they are packed with sugar–remember to always check the labels!


Garlic in all forms is a mouthwatering add-on for many recipes. Have minced garlic on hand to season vegetables. Roast whole cloves to add a sweetened flavor to poultry, meat and fish dishes. Add salt-free garlic powder to your favorite soups, sides and entrees.


Add a few lemons, limes and oranges to your cart when you go to the grocery store and get in the habit of using the juices for delicious sauces or as an extra tangy zing to your favorite recipes. Use lemon on baked fish and add lime juice to your favorite dishes to dress up the flavor. You can also add lemon and lime to your water for enhanced weight-loss results!


Use extracts such as vanilla, almond, mint, chocolate, coconut and more in your favorite baking dishes for added flavor. You can also add extracts to your smoothies, shakes, yogurt, oatmeal and more to enhance the taste!


Vinegars add flavor and taste without sabotaging the health of your meal. They contribute a light acidity and tanginess to your recipes. Use them to glaze meats, make dressings or as low-calorie sauces and condiments!


Sprinkle your favorite meals with fresh herbs to elevate the taste to a truly gourmet feel. Whether you decide to grow your own herb garden or purchase them from your local grocery store; keeping fresh herbs around at all times will allow you to always be able to add delicious flavor and healthy nutrients to your entrees.


Thermo-Snacks® are a useful base for many sauces and gravies. Thermo-Snacks are also available in delicious sides as well as dessert options. Incorporate two Thermo-Snacks a day into your food plan and purchase the STEP in the Kitchen cookbook for tasty recipe ideas.

Don’t be afraid to add a little spice to your food. When in doubt, herbs and spices are the keys to healthy and delicious meals you will love!


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