Why Fad Diets Aren’t A Sustainable Weight-Loss Solution

Why Fad Diets Aren’t A Sustainable Weight-Loss Solution

Fad diets and yo-yo dieting may be popular, however, these so-called “quick fixes” do more harm than good. Many popular weight-loss techniques do not address the factors that attribute to weight gain and do not provide a solution for long term weight management and wellness. While in the short term these quick fixes may appear to work, for many, results are just temporary, rather than a long-term solution. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition cites that close to 80 percent of dieters that lose weight do not have the ability to maintain their results and keep the weight off!

How are the Slimgenics Direct Programs different than other weight-loss programs and why are SlimGenics clients both successful at losing weight as well as maintaining their results? The answer is simple; our SlimGenics Direct Weight Loss Programs are designed to address, and assist in, correcting the underlying causes of weight gain. SlimGenics combines all the necessary components for you to lose weight in a healthy way and learn the necessary behaviors to manage your weight for a lifetime. SlimGenics Direct four-phase programs incorporate a nutritious food plan with an education curriculum and individualized support. This ensures that you lose weight and have the support to learn the necessary steps to maintain your weight loss, good health and overall wellness. Unlike fad diets, you enjoy food from all food groups, learn how to shop at the grocery store, prepare meals at home and order out at restaurants. Rather than dieting, we help clients to transform unhealthy behaviors into healthy everyday habits to achieve sustainable results. Learn more about our Weight Loss Programs, here.


Many diet plans advocate eating only one food frequently or consuming most of your daily intake from one specific food group, like the cabbage soup diet for example. This approach—while sometimes successful in the short term—lacks variety and prevents the body from receiving the nutrients it requires. Eating only one food or food from a small, restricted group will inevitably lead to boredom in your diet. The SlimGenics Program is based on nutrition and is a balanced food plan that incorporates all food groups. This allows for variety in your options and leads to healthy practices for long-term results. 


Contrary to popular belief, eating too little has been shown to have an adverse effect on weight loss. When you are not feeding your body, it will go into starvation mode. This slows your metabolism and stores fat because your body is unsure when or where your next calories will come. Deprivation as a weight-loss strategy is simply not sustainable. We want you to burn fat for fuel, not store it! 


Because you would be reducing calorie intake, eating consistently one food group or not consuming the nutrients your body requires, a fad diet will be difficult to maintain. Once you revert back to your normal eating habits, chances are you will gain weight quickly and possibly gain more than you initially lost. Our weight-loss programs provide you with an education that teaches you the principles of sound nutrition and the benefits of proper supplementation based on your overweight condition. During your program, you will learn how to address the factors that attributed to your weight gain so that you experience healthy, consistent and sustainable weight-loss results.


Many people interested in losing weight are enticed by the promise of “rapid weight loss”. However, rapid does not equate to healthy. While you may lose weight quickly initially, you will inevitably plateau stalling your “quick results”. When this happens you will become frustrated and find it difficult to continue. Metabolic memory will stall your weight loss and prevent you from having consistent results. At SlimGenics Direct, your program is strategically mapped out so that you experience consistent, steady weight loss without plateauing and reach your healthy goal weight.


Most fad diets do not address the causes that attribute to weight gain, SlimGenic Direct provides you with tools to help identify and address your symptoms based on the severity of your condition. Whether you need to reduce toxicity or inflammation, balance weight-related hormones or improve your digestive health, you will have the necessary recommendations to lose your extra pounds and improve your health.


No weight-loss plan is a one-size-fits-all solution. Weight loss is a very personal experience and should be treated as such. Many diet plans available today are not individualized and, in turn, do not provide healthy, maintainable weight-loss results. SlimGenics Direct features personalized nutritional plans and recommends nutritional supplementation based on a your health profile, age, gender and the amount of weight loss needed. Your SlimGenics Direct Program is designed with the necessary support for you to achieve optimal results and reach your goal weight in a healthy manner. 


Many diets make unsubstantiated weight-loss claims and recommend potentially dangerous methods to shed pounds. These types of diet plans are not healthy and are not designed to help you develop behaviors to maintain results. When you feed your body a nutritionally balanced food plan and focus on health and satiation, rather than deprivation you will have successful and healthy weight-loss results that you can maintain for a lifetime At SlimGenics, we educate and provide the nutritional guidance and strategies to help you develop the necessary behaviors for long-term success.

It is important that you have healthy weight-loss goals and strive to achieve them by adopting balanced, nutritious eating behaviors and an overall healthier lifestyle. When you eat every day, whole foods you are making notable lifestyle changes that will leave you feeling and looking happy, healthy and confident. Don’t just diet! Allow food to work for you, rather than against you by nourishing your body with the food it needs.





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