How Popular Diet Plans Keep You Overweight

How Popular Diet Plans Keep You Overweight

We’ve all seen the late-night ads for diet plans and weight loss programs that provide clients with pre-made meals. Just like we’ve all seen the odd celebrity or two nibble on a fork full of truly bland-looking food from microwavable containers. The problem is, in order to lose weight and lose weight quickly, you have to eat fresh foods that are nutrient-dense and good for your body.

Pre-packaged diet plan foods are rife with health saboteurs like excessive levels of sodium, loads of refined carbohydrates and all-too-often fail to address the fundamental causes of weight gain. We’re here to reveal just how popular diet plans are keeping people overweight and steer in you the direction of effective, lasting weight-loss results.

Low Nutrition Profile

A fundamental flaw of the pre-packaged nutrition system is that their meals tend to sacrifice nutrition in favor of preservatives and bizarre calorie cuts. Think about it… A Salisbury steak with macaroni and cheese shouldn’t be low in calories. If it is, the nutrition label typically shows a long list of chemicals, preservatives and difficult-to-pronounce compounds that make it so. The misleading nature of these diet plan systems can be dangerous. Instead of getting the nutrients you need to thrive, you’re getting sodium, preservatives and processed foods that have had all of their wonderful benefits taken out.

SlimGenics exists to solve a systemic problem in the weight loss industry: a purposeful lack of real nutrition and real information. Health has never come out of a microwaved box. It naturally exists in the beautiful foods that surround us every day. We can guarantee that you’ll have much faster, effective and lasting results once you start employing a nutritionally balanced lifestyle and preparing fresh, delicious meals at home. Our program guides you through that process, making it fun and easy to nourish your body to lose weight, the right way.

Excessive Sodium

Overconsumption of sodium is an easy mistake that many Americans make on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this easy mistake can have many dire consequences. Modern research shows that excess sodium causes the body to retain water which raises blood sugar meaning that individuals with chronic blood pressure significantly raise their risk of stroke and heart attack. If that isn’t scary enough, a recent study from MIT and Harvard has discovered a preliminary link between excessive salt intake and chronic inflammation. Before we talk inflammation, it is important to understand that the body is a complex interconnected system that is truly amazing at adapting and surviving. Our bodies react to damage by becoming inflamed and repairing themselves with white blood cells. This reaction happens on the outside of your body when you get a cut, but also happens on the inside of your body when you happen to aggravate your internal systems. When your digestive system becomes irritated and inflamed, the body begins to slow down all of it’s processes to heal itself, while also retaining significant amounts of water to ensure survival.

The same MIT and Harvard study found that excessive sodium triggers inflammatory responses within the body and signals to the body to become insulin resistant. As we know, insulin resistance leads to elevated weight gain and fat storage. This reaction is a survival mechanism being employed by the body to preserve itself and reverse the damaging effects being caused by loads of sodium. A standard pre-packaged meal contains around 600 mg of sodium. With a recommended daily limit of 1,500 mg, just one of these meals will push you well over 30% of your daily intake. Now, imagine that number tripled and you’re on the path to chronic inflammation, weight gain and health problems… Rather than weight loss.

Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

Speaking again to insulin resistance, standard diet plan meals are often loaded to the brim with inappropriate levels of refined carbohydrates that rapidly spike insulin levels and trigger the body to convert those incoming carbs into fat. Let us also remember that not all carbohydrates are processed by the body the same. The difference between refined and unrefined carbs is an important one. Refined carbs have undergone processing that removes essential vitamins, nutrients and fiber in favor of the white fluffy textures we get in our standardized bread, noodles and baked goods. The removal of their nutritional content and fiber allows for these carbohydrates to be absorbed more quickly by the body which dramatically raises our insulin levels. A prolonged overabundance of refined carbohydrates means that insulin levels are constantly being raised and, once again, the human body is amazingly adaptive. Our bodies will get used to these elevated insulin levels and begin to respond less to them which will further contribute to the next issue: carbohydrates being converted to fat.

Carbohydrates supply the necessary sugars for our body to create energy. We need sugars to survive. That being said, we only need enough to convert into glycogen for immediate energy. Anything beyond the necessary glycogen stores signals to our body to convert and store carbohydrates as fat. Taking it back to diet plan meals, a typical meal of chicken and noodles contains upwards of 45 grams of refined carbs which immediately spikes glucose levels within the body, ratchets up insulin production, and shocks the body into storing many of those carbs as fat all while piling on the sodium and slowing the metabolism.

The Economy of Diet Plans

The question now is why would any diet plan or nutrition system provide meals that directly contribute to the very issues that they seek to help? The answer, while deeply cynical, is painfully true. Economy. The weight management industry is estimated to total nearly $214 billion annually. Diet plans make their money by purposefully misleading individuals and failing to address the true issues at the heart of weight gain. The key to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition, education, and finally addressing the imbalances that have led to weight gain in the first place through effective supplementation. It is the principle of teaching a man to fish. Do corporations teach individuals to lose weight for a lifetime of health or keep them unhealthy so they will always pay to use their products? We all know the answer. We also know the solution.

Envision a program that is designed for every individual to address their specific weight loss imbalances while educating them on just how easy it is to eat nutritionally balanced meals. Imagine meals that are easily made by you, exactly how you want them. No boxes, no flashy celebrities. What if a weight loss company simply wanted to help you lose weight and discover health?   SlimGenics is that program.

Learn more about our simple, effective and easy-to-follow weight loss programs. 


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