At-Home Workouts That Are FREE

At-Home Workouts That Are FREE

If you are missing the gym in the pandemic, you are certainly not alone. That's why we have put together this great list of amazing free or low-cost at-home workouts you can do anytime you're craving a bit of healthy activity in your day.

1. Yoga

This playlist of yoga classes is completely FREE and a wonderful way to add more activity, flexibility and calm into your day. I know you may be thinking "But I don't have a yoga mat". Never fear! Doing yoga on a carpeted area is just fine. You can also wear no-slip socks for that extra bit of grip, if needed.

2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a wonderful way to tone muscles and get a quick workout from home without having to spend money on classes. For just a few bucks, you can purchase a set of bands from Amazon or your local retailer that will work your muscles in any number of ways. YouTube has hundreds of resistance band workouts available to use that are simply a search away. 

3. Squats

Did you know that squats count as a total body exercise? Your blood gets to pumping, the muscles receive a great workout and with just a few rounds, your backside begins to look AMAZING. Start with four sets of 20 squats per day and then begin adding more sets of 20 as you become stronger. Bonus: You never have to leave the house or spend a dime to get a great workout. 

3. Spring Cleaning

A deep cleaning of the house sets the stage for an amazing summer AND helps you burn fat with sustained activity thoughout the day. Make a list of the big cleaning projects you want to accomplish and then have at it! There's something truly refreshing about a great workout and a spotless house. We love to start in the kitchen because nothing encourages healthy eating habits more than being in love with the place where your health meals come from. 

4. Power Walking

Power what? Yes, power walking. Power walking is a low-impact form of movement that is a great alternagive to jogging. Think fast and purposeful walking at higher speeds and intensity. There are loads of tutorials online so do your research but this exercise is amazing for burning fat while also getting a bit of fresh air. It's a welcome break from hanging out at home all day. 

5. Found Object Weight-Lifting

Who needs a fancy weight-set when you can fill two milk jugs with water and get a great workout in for the afternoon? Take a look around the house and find objects that you be used to help you improve muscle tone and get your body moving. That kitchen chair also doubles as a weight to do some intermediate squats with. Let your imagination run wild!

Long story short, getting healthy acitivity into your day while being at home doesn't require special equipment or anything more than your body. Simple use these tips to give yourself a great head start and if you have some special home worjout tips of your own, let us know!  


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