5 Ways to Improve Your Health Right Now

5 Ways to Improve Your Health Right Now

Weight loss and healthy lifestyle change are the summation of the efforts we take each day to improve our lives. Feeling and looking better takes commitment and time, however, the great news is; there are steps you can take RIGHT NOW to create meaningful improvements to your health. Even if you do one per day, that’s five days of improving your health in serious ways. How awesome is that?!

Kitchen Purge

The Marie Kondo show on Netflix has inspired many people to take a look at their possessions and decide what is important to them. And honestly, who doesn’t love looking at an organized closet? It just feels good.

The best part of the show is when the kitchens get cleaned because there is always this moment of “Why are we keeping these things?” and most of the time, the final result is a cleaned, organized and, interestingly enough, healthier kitchen. One of the BEST things you can do to support your healthy goals is to go through every inch of your kitchen to decide which foods are adding positive change into your life and donating the ones that may serve someone else in need better. By going through your things, you are also able to get a fuller picture of the aspects about your health habits that work and the ones that may need help. For example, if you find food prep to be tedious, keep your containers and tools in easy to reach places so you don’t have to work to get to them. Do you keep forgetting your snacks? Place some in a bowl that you will see when you leave the house so you can just grab and go.

The aim is to create a positive environment to support your health and lifestyle. A well organized and clean kitchen can go miles to make healthy decisions a simple part of life.

Where’s Your Water Bottle?

A good rule of thumb is to keep a water bottle within reach at all times. Buy one that makes you smile, holds plenty of water and is easy to take with you on your daily travels. In all seriousness, make your water bottle your best friend. You will remember to stay hydrated, be prone to make healthier choices and your friends will also be jealous of how healthy you are now. We’ve talked before about the importance of hydration on weight loss but let us yell it to the sky, your metabolism may be improved by as much as 30% when you stay properly hydrated during the day!

It can be challenging to get into a new habit that includes lugging around your water bottle but there are ways to make it easier. Many water bottles have carabiners so you can attach them to your bag so you don’t have to carry them or leave them behind. If you find yourself prone to forgetting to grab your bottle, give yourself no option but to bring it along.

Pillow Talk

Sit down because this one is going to be rough. Your pillows are gross and they probably need to be replaced.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing your pillows every year with a wash every six months. Standards pillows are comprised of foams and polyester filling that become saturated in natural body oils, allergens, bacteria and more. They become literal playgrounds of our own illnesses and basic biology that can affect our sleep, our immune systems and even have a negative effect on the health of our skin. Washing your pillows can help a lot but the other downside is that the structure of standard pillows begins to break down as early as three months into using them. For individuals who require a certain thickness and type of pillow, it makes little sense to keep sleeping on a surface that no longer serves its purpose.

When was the last time you replaced your pillows? Now is the best time to support better rest and improved health, even in the bedroom.

Allergen Alert

Did you know that almost everyone is allergic to something that they do not know about?

When we are young, we find out quickly the things that cause severe allergic reactions but more interestingly, there are many things we are allergic to that only cause mild reactions that we may not really notice. Ask your doctor to perform a Skin Prick Test, also known as a Scratch Test which can determine your reaction to over 40 known allergies such as certain foods, dairy, pollen, pet dander and more. Doctors can also perform a Patch Test to check for things like chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, etc. By better identifying the things that cause inflammation in your body, you can begin to phase them out of your life and experience improved health and metabolism.

Get Up

Think of it like this, if we have time to read this article or watch shows later tonight, then we have time to move. And we can do both at the same time. The vast majority of people simply are not getting enough activity during the day. For your health, your heart and your happiness, take a few moments and move your body. We love to take quick walks with our furry pet friends. Or if you’re knee deep in the new season of your favorite show, take the idle time to do lunges or squats. And let’s be honest, we take our devices everywhere with us. Taking them on a walk or outside is just as easy as taking them to the couch.

These are just a few small ways to help you live your best life but there are always more ways to create positive change. Do you have a great healthy lifestyle tip that others can try? Let us know!


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