How To Gain $30,000 When Losing Weight

How To Gain $30,000 When Losing Weight

“More than 70 percent of adults in the United States are considered to be overweight or obese, which in direct medical expenses alone costs nearly $210 billion per year.”

A cutting edge study recently released from John Hopkins University has found that the standard adult will save an average of $31,447 over a lifetime just by reaching a healthy weight. The direct health costs associated with being overweight and the lost income from reduced productivity are better served being in your bank account than shelled out for expensive health costs.

Healthcare Highball

A common criticism against deciding to pursue a healthy lifestyle can be the costs associated with losing weight. However, when we contemplate a lifetime of medications and healthcare that specifically address weight-based complications, where do the costs truly lay?

The average yearly health care cost for individuals with diabetes is estimated to be $13,700. This includes doctor’s visits, specialists, medication, and costs arising from complications. Factor in the amount of time associated with all of these issues and the hours turn to days and quickly become weeks. Should we be spending our lives in waiting rooms and pharmacies for medications that do not address the core issues? The answer is no.

“The average yearly health care cost for individuals with diabetes is estimated to be $13,700.”

Within the last decade, the pricing for leading insulin medications made by top producers Humalog and Novolog has increased by 290% with no end to price hikes in sight. It is also reported that some individuals are now paying as much for their diabetes medications as their mortgages with a single pharmacy trip potentially costing nearly $1,550 for basic diabetes treatments.

Time Is Money

The saying may be old hat, but it continues to ring true. Your time equates to money that could potentially be in your pocket. Every minute spent addressing the complications of being overweight is a minute that you are not doing something that adds value to your life; such as earning money or spending time with your kids. If you are spending hundreds of dollars a month on medications and doctors, you are also investing your precious time into that as well. A quick way to calculate what your time is worth is to use your hourly wage… And honestly, that is nowhere near what your time is actually worth.  Life is full of priceless moments with family, loved ones, accomplishments, travel and more.

“No amount of time spent miserable, sick and unhealthy is worth it.”

Being overweight is a drain on your energy, time, and ultimately your pockets. What is worse, the drain gets exponentially more costly as your wellness condition worsens. The unhealthier you become, the more money you will have to spend to deal with it.

End the cycle of medical spending your hard-earned dollars by choosing to invest in your long-term and preventative health. Losing weight may seem like it has a cost but the investment into becoming healthy, the right way, will pay off for a lifetime.

Buy Health, Not Unicorn Colored Coffee

The hard truth of the matter is that being overweight and unhealthy has a higher material cost than making healthy choices. With the average fast food meal now starting at around $7.50 and a rainbow-colored coffee confection typically costing $5 a go, three trips can quickly add up to $150 a month. That’s nearly $2,000 per year spent on food that directly contributes to being overweight and damaging your body.

“SlimGenics Direct offers an affordable option for anyone looking to lose weight, achieve nutritional know-how and adopt healthy lifestyle habits.”

The cost to lose weight can range between very expensive to scam-level cheap across the industry. However, to do it the right way with lasting results, SlimGenics Direct offers affordable weight-loss program options to meet your specific weight loss goals, achieve nutritional know-how and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. For a people-proven program that gives you the results you are looking for along with the tools, knowledge and strategies you need to continue being healthy for the rest of your life, no other option in the market even compares. After all, being healthier, happier and more productive means you’ll have more time, money and energy to focus on the people and things you love.

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