The New Weight Loss Formula

It’s time to move away from the outdated and inaccurate weight loss formula: that calories in versus calories out predicts weight loss or gain. Like any belief system, it takes time and energy to shift momentum toward a different system, and the calorie-counting paradigm is the same.

For decades, increasing criticism towards this weight loss formula have been voiced from within and outside the medical, weight loss and athletic arenas. The calorie counts observed in people gaining and losing weight simply have not equaled HOW MUCH a person gained or lost:; up to a 30-40% difference. Research from various areas has culminated to provide good explanations of where these differences originate.

Circa 1900, calories were originally calculated by a guy named Atwater in a Connecticut lab, by burning food in a fire and calculating the total heat energy released (measured as a calorie). It was then estimated how much heat energy, or calories, you would absorb and use in our body. Any “extra” calories not used for immediate energy were thought to simply be stored in fat tissue for use later. It’s important to know that much of what we eat does not actually give us heat energy, or calories. For example, fiber and vitamins that we use in enzymatic processes or things that we make into hormones or neurotransmitters don’t simply provide caloric energy. There is much more to the story.

We’ve learned that our body relies on intricate hormone balances, in conjunction with the health of our bowel and our ability to reduce our toxic load, to determine how many fat cells we have and how large they will get. If you remember the blogs, Everyday Detox and 5 Food to Detox how toxic we are is a big factor of how big our fat cells get.

The study of epigenetics and our bodies’ bacteria has shown that different bacteria will increase our absorption of calories, fat and sugar and other bacteria do the opposite. Thus, our bowel’s health is critical to our body weight.

The study of how our body stores toxins in fat, how we prevent the absorption of these toxins, how we release them and how we eliminate them has proven to be a cornerstone to this weight loss formula (see our article, The Skinny on Fat Cells)

The way our bodies react to food and to the chemical load we subject it to from things like everyday living, our food and beverage choices, even the medications we take, are all relevant to how much cellular inflammation we have in our fat cells and in our bowels. This impacts how much water we retain around our body and affects our body weight.

So calories are a somewhat useful guideline to estimate weight loss from, but the pillars of weight loss are now regarded by progressive medical professionals to be:

1) Bowel health—it affects how much you absorb

2) Toxicity—how it relates to size of fat cells

3) Inflammation—it results in water retention. Furthermore, all three of these things are also shown to either turn on, or turn OFF, your genetics indicating whether or not you will be heavier.

This is the new weight loss formula: bowel health, inflammation and toxicity. Specifically, what their impact on your genes is and what you can do to improve these pillars. The good news is that with just a couple changes or additions to a person’s lifestyle or nutrition, we observe positive changes in all three pillars in less than 10 days. Simple things you can do are:

-Eat regularly timed meals.: missing meals or irregular meals reduce bowel health and increases inflammation (it also regulates the levels of hormones like insulin, leptin, cortisol and ghrelin).

-Pay attention to what’s on your plate: prepare meals that include protein with lots of fiber and vegetables, since this improves bowel health and inflammation, as well as facilitates detox.

-Take a fiber supplement: Slim-Ensulate™ is a great product to facilitate detox, improve bowel health and insulin regulation.

-Strive for a balance of omega fats.: consuming the correct ratio of essential fatty acids since improves your bowel integrity and reduces inflammation. Omega-Slim™ EFAs contain that desired ratio.

Weight Loss Tips

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