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UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 and the current global pandemic, SlimGenics is committed to ensuring the safety of our clients and staff while continuing to support your weight-loss goals during this time. We have important temporary changes to our services that can be fully explored, here.

Are you ready to lose weight for the last time? The SlimGenics® Weight-Loss Program teaches you how to do just that. With nutritionally balanced food plans—centered on real food available at the grocery store and most restaurants—combined with education, support and professional advice for healthy living, you receive everything you need for lasting weight-loss results.


At SlimGenics, we believe that you have to eat to lose weight. The key is to eat the right foods and snacks to support thermogenesis or the “generation of heat.” In this process, your cells generate extra energy to keep your body in fat-burning mode, boosting your metabolism and enabling you to shed 1-3 pounds a week without feeling sluggish, hungry or deprived.


The SlimGenics Program is a four-phase, individualized, weight-loss program that guides you from preparation through weight reduction to weight management.

Throughout the phases, you will receive personalized guidance, educational materials and support to teach you about healthy food choices, meal timing and portion control. You will learn practices that help you reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins, balance weight-related hormones and improve digestive health. You will also develop new behaviors that that will help you to prevent regain.

Program Types

Our leading weight-loss program for adult women and men can be customized for individuals who have unique considerations such as special medical or diabetic concerns, nursing mothers and those that have more than 100 pounds to lose. Additionally, SlimGenics offers Youth and Workplace Programs.

No matter who you are or where you are, we have a program for you:

In-Center Program

In Colorado and Minnesota, visit a weight-loss Center for individualized education and support.

Slim Anywhere Program

Everywhere else, participate in our Slim Anywhere Online Program for the same in-depth education and convenience of support at home.

Youth Program

Youths age 10 to 17 can participate in their own safe and effective program.

Workplace Program

Employers can offer our programs to their employees as part of their wellness benefits.


Allow our weight-loss programs to support you in achieving all of your goals:

Look and feel better

Improve your health

Live with more energy

Keep a promise

Increase self-esteem and confidence

Learn healthy eating habits

Lose weight safely

Sleep better

Shop for new clothes

Go on a dream vacation

Become more active

Increase Productivity

Get a job promotion

Be a role model for your family

Health Benefits

Losing weight often helps you manage, or even reverse, chronic health problems and may enable you to reduce or stop taking certain prescription medicines. Thousands of SlimGenics participants have improved or eliminated:

Type 2 diabetes

High blood pressure


High cholesterol

Heart disease


When you follow your SlimGenics In-Center Program guidelines, your results are guaranteed in writing.

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