Purchase Terms and Conditions Excluding any Products contained in the SlimGenics Home Product Kit at the time of purchase, all Product purchases are an extra cost. You agree that ALL SALES ARE FINAL, and that all Products and related services are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-RETURNABLE and NON-EXCHANGEABLE (for the safety and health of all SlimGenics clients, Products may not be returned and re-stocked). All services offered under the Home Program Kit are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason. In addition, you agree to use all proprietary literature, program information and Products you purchase for your own personal benefit, and not transfer any such items to, or duplicate any of them for, any other person (including any commercial, retail, online or public entity). You further understand that the contents of all client files and records maintained by SlimGenics are the property of SlimGenics. YOU HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE NO-REFUND, NO-EXCHANGE, AND NO-RETURN POLICY HAS BEEN FULLY DISCLOSED TO YOU. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF ALL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES YOU PURCHASE. YOU FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT, OTHER THAN THE PRODUCTS AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDED IN THE SLIMGENICS HOME PROGRAM KIT, ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE PURCHASED AT THE PRICES IN YOUR SHOPPING CART ON THE SITES.