5 Easy Steps to Break Through Weight-Loss Plateaus

5 Easy Steps to Break Through Weight-Loss Plateaus

Weight-loss plateaus are very common when you are following a nutritional plan and losing weight successfully. Although you are following your plan precisely, you suddenly stop losing weight. Most often, this happens because your body has adjusted to your new regimen.

Plateaus can also happen as a result of increased activity or because you are eating the same food every day and not incorporating enough variety into your food plan. It is also common that a plateau may happen approximately every six weeks during weight loss. In order to break through a plateau, change is required. Act quickly so that you do not become frustrated. Your Advisor will make suggestions so that you break your plateau quickly and easily and continue to lose weight. Below are 5 easy steps to breaking through or preventing a weight-loss plateau.

  1. Drink additional water: If your weight loss has slowed, consume an extra 8 to 16 ounces of water daily for three days. Water will help to flush your body and eliminate toxins and get you back on track
  2. Go green: Raw green veggies are a great snack and a weight loser’s best friend. Why? Because with high water and fiber content, they are packed with nutrients that will help you flush out toxins. This will help speed up the detoxification process and spur the metabolism so that you continue to lose weight
  3. Be consistent: Meal timing is key to seeing a consistent loss on the scale. Never go more than 3-5 hours between meals and snacks. Having consistency in WHEN you eat will result in consistent weekly results. Eating every few hours will balance your blood sugar levels and boost your metabolism.
  4. Introduce variety: Once you’ve mastered consistency in meal timing, it’s important to address variety in the foods you eat. The SlimGenics Integrated Food List has a variety of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and fats to choose from to ensure variety in your diet. There is true flexibility in your food plan, so why not maximize it? Be sure to eat different fruits, lean proteins, fats, vegetables and a variety of Thermo-Snacks® every week.
  5. Do not skip meals: Eat all the food on you program every day, do not reserve food to eat another day or skip meals. Your SlimGenics Program is designed to ensure you are receiving a balance of nutritious food as well as the chemical balance to create a thermogenic response in your body. When you eat all of your food, you will burn fat for fuel and lose weight in a safe and healthy manner.

If you have hit a plateau or it’s time for a seven-day Slim-Repair Week try SlimGenics medical-grade detox product, Slim-Repair™, Slim-Repair is recommended every six weeks during the SlimSTEP, weight-reduction phase of your SlimGenics Program to help reduce chemical toxins, reset your metabolism and to help prevent plateaus. Ask your Advisor for more information regarding guidelines for Slim-Repair Week.


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