Weight-Loss Tailored to Teens

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 and the current global pandemic, SlimGenics is committed to ensuring the safety of our clients and staff while continuing to support your weight-loss goals during this time. We have important temporary changes to our services that can be fully explored, here.

Designed for pre-teens and teens ages 10 to 17, the SlimGenics® Youth Program offers the same healthy weight loss as our Adult Program, tailored to the nutritional needs of youths during their growing years. Your child will pack normal lunches and can eat snacks at school. For children with health issues, we will discuss their program with their pediatrician and make modifications based on their recommendations so you can feel confident that the program is safe.

FREE Youth Enrollment with Parent or Guardian Enrollment*


*Some Restrictions Apply. Free Youth Program Includes Program Set-Up and 30 Weeks of Services. Requires the purchase of an Adult Program and Youth Starter Pack of $143.

Youth Program Features

Your child will receive:

Weight-loss supervision from experienced, friendly Program Advisors

Advice on developing good eating habits

Nutritional counseling

Tips for creating healthy lifestyle behaviors

Private, one-on-one support sessions

Ongoing support and encouragement

Your Child Can Achieve Their Goals

We support your child’s goals, which may include:

Having more energy

Looking and feeling better

Increasing self-esteem and confidence

Participating in sports

Learning how to eat healthy

Improving their health

Keeping up with their peers

Wearing the clothes they want to wear

Losing weight safely

Feeling accepted

What Other Youth Are Saying

Learn the many ways your child can benefit from developing healthier eating habits

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Our Commitment to Youth

Improving the health of our youth through proper nutrition is part of the SlimGenics mission.

Our NObesity Movement


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Our Equation for Success

Nutrition + Education + Support + Healthy Living

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FREE Youth Enrollment with Parent Enrollment

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