Why Prolonged Sitting is More than Just a Lazy Habit


Many of us don’t realize how often we are sitting throughout the day. Whether it’s at your desk or on the couch, sitting can become detrimental to your health. Need some additional reasons to get up and moving throughout the day? This informative TED Talk should help you better understand the science behind why sitting is more than just a harmless habit.

While you can’t always be standing or moving, you can make some healthy changes to sit less during the day.

1. Stand  at Work

Chances are you sit at a desk most or all of your work day. Consider asking your employer if it would be in budget to purchase a standing desk, or merely transform your workstation into a standing area!

2. Take Breaks

Research recommends taking a break every 30 minutes while you work, but instead of going to check Facebook or the latest news, get up and take a brisk 10-20 minute walk around the block or stretch. It will get your blood pumping and may even foster some additional creativity.

3. Establish a Tradition

Instead of sitting down immediately after dinner and watching your favorite show as a family, consider taking a post-meal bike ride or walk around the neighborhood. Once you’ve logged 20-30 minutes, reward yourselves with that sitcom!

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Get Moving, Your Health

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