Our Equation for Success

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 and the current global pandemic, SlimGenics is committed to ensuring the safety of our clients and staff while continuing to support your weight-loss goals during this time. We have important temporary changes to our services that can be fully explored, here.

The SlimGenics® Program is more than just weight loss—it’s your path to good health and wellness. The SlimGenics equation for successful weight loss and weight management includes four important elements.

Comprehensive Food Plan

With SlimGenics, you lose weight by following a balanced nutrition plan—tailored to your needs—that includes real food from all food groups plus nutritional supplements that help you overcome the causes of weight gain and reduce chemical imbalances in the body. This will help to improve your metabolism so you can quickly and safely lose weight and achieve healthy, lasting results.

Nutritional Education

During your journey, our experienced Program Advisors guide you through a nutrition curriculum designed to teach you how to replace the behaviors that may have led to your weight gain with healthier habits. You will receive educational handouts, blogs, newsletters and weight-loss tips.

Personal Support

SlimGenics Program Advisors provide friendly support, guidance and encouragement to help you stay accountable to your goals. Whether you want assistance with menu planning, food preparation ideas, tips for keeping a food journal, nutritional supplement recommendations or advice on how to maintain your metabolic health, they’re here to help.

Healthy Lifestyle

The SlimGenics approach to weight loss goes way beyond what you eat. From sleep to stress management, nutritional supplementation to healthy living, our equation helps you put all the pieces together for long-term weight-loss success. Because we know that a lifetime of health requires much more than shedding pounds.

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