News Flash: SlimGenics on “Colorado and Company”!

Live from Colorado, it’s SlimGenics! Kim C. and Blair W. visited Denver’s Channel 9 News for a special segment of “Colorado and Company” to talk about our STEP™ program, and our childhood malnutrition campaign, NObesity.

With the growing obesity epidemic, and the increasing number of “quick fix” diets, Kim and Blair shared the ways in which SlimGenics is different from any other weight loss company, and how our STEP program is revolutionizing weight management.

“We are with our clients every step of their weight loss journey,” Kim explained. “And our stepped client curriculum allows our Program Advisors to support our clients with implementing healthy behaviors for their weight loss and weight management needs.”

“Our STEP program incorporates individualized programs using real foods,” Blair added. “We do not make our clients dependent on pre-packaged meals.”

In addition to the secrets of STEP, they also shared several SlimGenics success stories, including their own!

11 years ago, before becoming the Program Director, Kim lost 40 pounds following the SlimGenics Program. Similarly, Blair lost 37 pounds on-plan 5 years ago before becoming an Area Manager in Colorado.

“I can’t believe I was that person. I was in complete denial back then,” said Blair when talking about herself before she lost the weight and joined the SlimGenics team, “I’m so happy to be where I am today!”

Kim went on to talk about our NObesity movement and why it is so important to offer a program for youth.

“In Colorado, the childhood obesity rates have tripled in the last decade,” Kim noted.

All through the summer, SlimGenics is offering a free youth enrollment with every adult enrollment to help fight childhood malnutrition and obesity. In addition, any youth can enroll in the program for just $149 through the summer.

Tawnya with “Colorado and Company” was a delight to talk to on the show and is a big supporter of SlimGenics.

“You ladies are such an inspiration!” said Tawnya. “Thanks for sharing your stories, I love hearing that and looking at the pictures!”

At SlimGenics, we are proud to be able to offer a modern, realistic approach to weight loss and weight management, and are honored to be able to help people learn healthful and well-balanced nutrition while achieving their healthy goal weight.

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