Slim-Guardian™ Multi-Probiotic

Slim-Guardian Multi-ProbioticTM is a medical-grade nutritional supplement that guarantees delivery of 10 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Unit) of bacteria in each capsule at the time of consumption. This proven formula uses a patented polymer technology that allows the bacteria to survive stomach acids and digestive enzymes throughout the GI tract for accurate delivery to attach to intestinal lining. Slim-Guardian provides the healthy bacteria your gut requires for proper functioning and for facilitating the absorption of key vitamins and minerals. Slim-Guardian supports weight loss and weight management as it contains a specific class of good bacteria that is crucial to support major hormone controls for weight, metabolism, appetite and inflammation. Slim-Guardian contains the latest reactive bacterial strains for greatest tolerance with the most benefit and is designed to boost immunity as the healthy microflora will crowd out harmful bacteria that can cause disease. Partner Slim-Guardian with Slim-Assure Digestive Enzymes for optimal weight-loss results and a healthier gut. Start taking Slim-Guardian Multi Probiotic today.

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