Slim-Assure™ Digestive Enzymes

Slim-Assure Digestive EnzymesTM provide a proprietary blend of enzymes specific for weight-loss and weight-control needs. If you have ever felt sluggish, heavy and miserable after a meal, chances are your body absorbs food poorly. The enzymes in Slim-Assure ensure optimal digestion of all foods, proteins and fats as well as the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. Slim-Assure neutralizes toxins and chemicals and promotes detoxification, helping reduce the size and number of fat cells while supporting the gall bladder during the stress of weight loss. Slim-Assure is a natural and potent first-line antibiotic and immune booster, which will help decrease the risk of illness from bacteria, viruses and parasites. Slim-Assure also supports optimal digestion of carbohydrates, helping regulate blood sugars, weight related-hormones, appetite and cravings, and results in less gas, bloating and inflammation. For optimal results and improved gut health, partner with Slim-Guardian Multi-Probiotic. Remember, it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb. For digestive health and faster, easier weight loss, start taking Slim-Assure Digestive Enzymes before meals.

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