I feel absolutely amazing. I can crawl around on the floor with my daughter without getting winded.

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84 Pounds Lost *

Kim G.'s Story

I felt absolutely terrible. I was always tired, always run down, always hot and sweaty. My body ached; I had no energy to do anything other than work. There is so much I was looking to gain from joining the program. I wanted to gain knowledge to correctly fuel my body and be able to pass that knowledge on to my daughter in hopes that she will never have the struggles I had with my weight. I wanted to gain years of my life back that I was losing out on from being overweight. I wanted to gain my self-confidence back and feel comfortable in my own skin again. I was surprised by how well my body responded to the changes I was making. It’s almost like my body was thanking me for finally giving it what it needed. I didn’t feel hunger and my cravings passed within weeks of starting the program. I feel absolutely amazing. I can now crawl around on the floor with my daughter without getting winded. My body aches have disappeared. I have my self-confidence back. I enjoy clothes shopping again. I am no longer embarrassed to take my daughter swimming.

*Individual results may vary. Participants who follow a reduced-calorie high-protein program like SlimGenics can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Program pricing, offers and duration may vary based on package purchased.

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