Q: How does the SlimGenics STEP Program differ from the SlimGenics Classic Program?

A: Our STEP Program takes the Classic Program a step further adding tools to help identify and address the root causes of weight gain. STEP will help you improve your gut health, balance weight-related hormones as well as decrease inflammation. We take each step with you to help you with behavior modification. Our Program Advisors provide guidance on the habits necessary for long-term weight management and provide you with the tools and information necessary to support lasting change. STEP focuses on meal timing and ratios as well as targeted personal supplementation and everything from sleep patterns to effectively dealing with stress and challenging situations. The STEP program incorporates more structure and more delicious food choices. We have designed STEP to be simple to follow; the program is flexible and balanced with everything you need to achieve your healthy goal weight!

Q: I’ve heard that the SlimGenics STEP Program has additional items on the food list. What new foods can I look forward to?

A: Several new fruit and vegetable choices add more variety, and the addition of unrefined fat makes food preparation easy and delicious. STEP incorporates more protein and starch options as well. The Integrated Food List offers a healthy balance of nutrient rich food options to support improved gut health so that those stubborn last few pounds come off as you reach your healthy goal weight. Some of the food choices include pork, avocado, olives, pears and several legumes.

Q: STEP focuses on meal timing, frequency and ratio. Why are these three concepts important to weight loss?

A: Meal timing and frequency support a healthy metabolism and help to prevent the body from going into starvation mode and storing fat. Eating balanced ratios will ensure your body is getting proper nutrition, and consuming meals and snacks frequently aids with balancing weight-related hormones, your appetite and your cravings. Adopting the necessary eating habits will help to repair your metabolism, improve your immune system and reduce fat cell mass. This leads to a more efficient absorption of nutrients that are essential for your body to function at full capacity, and help to identify specific habits that could lead to future weight regain.

Q: SlimGenics has a line of high-quality, medical-grade supplements. Why is supplementation important?

A: Decades of obesity research worldwide has proven three components are necessary for success (in order of importance):

  • LOSE it FAST (delaying leaves room to fall off track and become unmotivated. Losing the weight at a quick but healthy rate helps people stay focused on achieving their goal!)
  • LOSE it ALL
  • Supplementation and Support

Q: Why am I gaining weight and how does the SlimGenics STEP Program help me lose weight?

A: The paradigm of medical and obesity science is rapidly moving away from the calorie in vs. calorie out model. While calories have some significance, the latest obesity research supports that there are four main root causes of weight gain and weight loss:

  • Body toxicity (NIH states that 35-65% of your fat tissue and body weight is caused by toxicity)
  • Gut health – good or bad (good = weight loss and weight management, while bad = weight gain)
  • Inflammation – belly fat and pain goes up or down as inflammation goes up or down
  • Weight-related hormones – affects appetite and cravings

SlimGenics will help to identify your root causes of weight gain and provide the tools and education needed for improvement.

Q: When I attend a consultation, a FREE Body Composition Analysis is given. What is this and what information does it reveal?

A: New science confirms that the most useful measurements for health and weight loss are your body fat percentage, waist circumference and waist/hip ratio. It is proven that reducing body fat is necessary in order to decrease inflammation, pain and to rebalance weight-related hormones. The SlimGenics Body Composition Analysis is a robust tool we utilize to personalize your plan and recommend supplementation based on the results of your Body Composition Analysis.

Q: I’ve heard that the SlimGenics STEP Plans add more unrefined fat into my diet. How does eating fat help me lose weight?

A:  Fats high in Omega-3 with less ratios of Omega-6 are important for weight loss to achieve balance. Unrefined fats, high in Omega-3 are healthy, anti-inflammatory, pro-thermogenic and support weight-loss. Refined fats high in Omega-6 are anti-thermogenic and pro-inflammatory and will lead to weight gain.

Q: SlimGenics incorporates protein into the program; why is protein important to support weight loss and what food choices are high in protein?

A: The SlimGenics Program recommends protein choices for a number of reasons; protein is proven to be thermogenic, assists with detoxification and is necessary to achieve balance. The STEP Program is not a high protein diet.

Q: What tools does STEP provide me with to assist with identifying my primary reasons for being overweight?

A: The STEP educational curriculum supports you with awareness tools that are personalized and designed to help determine your individual needs. Your professional Program Advisors will recommend the targeted supplementation based on your symptoms to support you and your body during weight loss, as well as overall health and wellness.

Meet real people losing real weight with SlimGenics, or visit your local SlimGenics Weight Loss Center for a FREE personalized consultation.

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