SlimGenics Weight Loss Support

The SlimGenics Weight Loss Program offers many types of support. It is a cornerstone to the success of our proven plan. From our exclusive Online Community for clients to Program Advisor support, there is always someone here for you to ask questions, vent or find solutions to your toughest weight loss problems.

Are you maximizing the weight loss support we provide? Here are some easy steps to take to keep you informed:

  1. Visit the Community regularly. We recommend that clients visit the Community 3-5 times per week for peer-to-peer support that really keeps you focused, as well as expert blogs to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest with SlimGenics.
  2. Connect on social media. At the bottom of, you will find links to all of our social media channels. From lively conversations on Facebook to inspiration on Pinterest, you will be amazed at what is available to you with the click of a mouse.
  3. Be sure you are getting SlimGenics emails. Visit SlimGenics and scroll to the bottom of the home page to enter your email address and receive health news, offers and more.
  4. Communicate with a Program Advisor. Whether on the phone or in your Center, make the most of the wide range of information your Program Advisor can provide! From plateau breakers to product suggestions, Program Advisors are there to help.

Remember, Program Advisors can be one of your biggest advocates during your weight loss journey, but we can’t help you if they don’t know what your challenges are. Be sure to tell us about all of your challenges so we can give you a strategy to overcome the challenges that you are facing. That’s why we want to see you at least three times per week during the weight loss phase. It allows us to help you manage each challenge as it arises so you can have the fastest easiest weight loss possible!

It’s also important to let us know about any physical symptoms that you might be experiencing. There are some very common minor symptoms that can arise during a weight loss and we have many simple solutions for you to move on and keep losing!

If our first suggestion doesn’t work, we will try something else – we won’t give up on you! A great example of this is plateau breakers. Sometimes the first one you try isn’t successful, but that’s when you must communicate because there are lots of different options if at first we don’t succeed.

Always remember, this weight loss plan and experience is personalized for YOU. And you have the prerogative to ask to speak to a different Program Advisor if you do not feel like you are a connecting with one. You may request to see someone else. We do, however, encourage that you take the opportunity to visit with as many Program Advisors as possible because each one has something different to offer!

Our first priority is always you and your weight loss success.

Kim C.

Weight Loss Tips

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