The SlimGenics Foundation


The SlimGenics® Foundation is leading the NObesity® movement to foster healthier families and communities. We support local organizations and innovative programs that help us provide nutritional education to prevent childhood obesity and malnutrition in the communities we serve across Colorado and Minnesota.

Nutritional Education

Healthy nutrition is a cornerstone of life. To strengthen the communities we serve, we provide individuals and families with relevant information about daily nutrition that leads to better health and a boost in energy.

Childhood Obesity Prevention

We sponsor programs and outreach to help solve our nation’s growing childhood obesity problem. We believe that children deserve a childhood rich in nutritious food that will lead them into a healthy adulthood.

Childhood Malnutrition Prevention and Support

Though we live in a prosperous nation, the sad reality is that many children remain hungry or under nourished. The SlimGenics Foundation sponsors programs and initiatives that take fresh approaches to tackling childhood hunger and malnutrition.

Current Foundation Partners

2040 Partners


The mission of 2040 Partners for Health is to advance the health and healthcare of community residents for the long-term by convening and facilitating health discussions, research, programs and other community-based action, using Community-Based Participatory Research and Action principles, through a collaboration with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and the five neighborhoods.

Our Partnership

Currently, SlimGenics is assisting 2040 Partners with formulating a strategic weight-loss conversation manual directed at youth.

Denver Urban Gardens


Denver Urban Gardens works alongside residents to grow community—one urban garden at a time. DUG offers neighborhoods the essential resources for community gardens, including ongoing technical expertise for securing sustainable land for gardens; designing and building gardens; supporting garden organization, leadership, outreach and maintenance; utilizing gardens as extraordinary places for learning and healthy living; and linking gardens with related local food system projects and policy. DUG currently operates over 120 community gardens throughout Metro Denver, including 30 school-based community gardens.

Our Partnership

At the Denver Urban Gardens’ headquarters, SlimGenics has assisted with the construction of a demonstration kitchen. This kitchen will be used primarily to conduct cooking and food preparation classes for local citizens as well as special groups. SlimGenics will provide a number of professional chefs and nutrition experts to assist with all cooking demonstrations.

Appetite for Change


Appetite for Change seeks to build individual, family and community capacity to use growing, cooking and eating food as vehicles for social change.

Our Partnership

Appetite for Change is committed to raising awareness and providing guidance to youth and new parents about positive eating habits that will aid in preventing childhood malnutrition. By partnering with this organization, SlimGenics is able to help increase community-level support and education to people who are most in need.

Youth Farm and Market Project


Since 1995, the Youth Farm and Market Project created and implemented a development model that grows with youth to challenge them with food-related projects and leadership opportunities tailored to a variety of ages and abilities.

Our Partnership

The Youth Farm and Market Project recognizes the leaders of the future: our youth. The organization provides youth with summer camps and workshops that are geared toward helping attendees make healthy eating and activity decisions. SlimGenics understands how important youth health education is and how beneficial it can be to an individual’s future. SlimGenics will continue to support the fight against childhood obesity.

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