My Secrets to Weight Loss Management

People often ask me if it’s been easy to keep my weight off, and I can honestly say that weight loss management is easier than it was, but I can’t say it’s always easy. I have kept off over 40 pounds for 9 years. Usually I eat delicious healthy foods and make mindful food choices every day. I do sometimes enjoy less-than-healthy foods—in moderation—but I get back on track quickly.

Last week didn’t go as usual.

I was traveling, very stressed out and attended two holiday parties. Normally I would prepare in advance for my travels and pack my Thermo-Snacks® and supplements. At the party, I would enjoy the food in moderation and be satisfied with a few bites, then drink lots of water to flush the extra sodium and calories.

However, this weekend I totally went overboard. I mean, totally! I didn’t prepare for my travels, so I had to eat things I would normally avoid. That spiraled into eating because I was stressed and tired. I found myself eating whatever was there just because it was there. I kept eating even though I was full because it tasted good. I didn’t drink much water and stopped getting in my supplements. I was behaving like the old 40-pounds-overweight Kim. I felt terrible both physically and emotionally.

I avoided the scale because I knew it would be bad. But, I realized that I had to face reality and so I got on the scale on Monday and I was up. More than I expected. Way more! That was enough to snap me out of the old Kim mentality. So, I implemented some of the tools I learned during the weight loss phase over 9 years ago. I went back on my base weight loss plan for a few days and only chose allowed foods from the food list and made sure to get back on track with my supplements.  These are the key principles of weight loss management!

Here’s what I know will work for effective weight loss management:

  • Get on the scale! Every day, especially if I feel out of control
  • Prepare for travel/busy schedule in advance
  • Be mindful–pay attention to what I’m eating and why I’m eating
  • Remember that I like the healthy Kim so much better than the old overweight Kim

Together, this will help you prepare for any season of temptations! Nine years in, I am still using the tools I learned during weight loss, and they have helped me maintain my weight, staying happy and healthy.

If you’re feeling similar stress to weight loss management and want additional help, visit your local SlimGenics Center for a FREE personalized consultation. Success can be yours too!

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