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Find out how you can lose weight, improve your health and have more energy. See ratings and read reviews from real SlimGenics customers who have lost weight and changed their lives.


Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Always helpful & had my success in mind. Feels great to be healthy again.


I give Castle Rock 5 stars…Lindsey is always helpful and pleasant to work with. Parker is 3 because of my program advisor’s curtness. She a lot of times deals with you as if she doesn’t have time to talk to you. I usually only call or come in for products and the very least she could do is be courteous on the phone or let me know upfront that she’s the only one there and ask if she could call me back instead of being so impatient sounding. I have been with Slimgenics for over 10 years and algae the Slimfinity membership.




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