Perfect Nutritional Partners

You’ve heard it before – there are some things that are better together. Like two peas in a pod. The ying to the yang. You get the picture. As in life, some nutrients simply perform better when partnered up.

Here are some perfect pairs that go hand in hand to benefit you twice as much:

  • Iron and vitamin C
  • Vitamin D and calcium
  • Vitamin A, D, E, K and fat (a teensy bit)

Iron and vitamin C – Vitamin C allows for better absorption of iron found in plant-based food. This is especially helpful for vegetarians or individuals who eat small amounts of animal foods. For example, to enhance the value of the iron in a spinach salad, pair it with strawberry slices or tomato wedges, and try sprinkling it with lemon juice.

Vitamin D and calcium – Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, is crucial for calcium to be effectively absorbed. There are few food sources of vitamin D, leaving many people with a deficiency. Those who don’t get their daily dose of rays (just 15 minutes a day should do) should take a supplement to maintain healthy levels.

Vitamin A, D, E, K and fat – All of these vitamins are fat-soluble, so the presence of dietary fat aids in absorption. The smallest amount of fat will do the trick, such as a light drizzle of olive oil on a baked sweet potato.

There are many on-plan foods that include these dynamic duos, and for those you can’t get with food alone, your Vita-Slim daily vitamins have got you covered!

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