SlimGenics Weight-Loss Center in Edina

Visit our Centers for one-on-one support as you complete your SlimGenics® Weight-Loss Program. Since 2003, SlimGenics has helped tens of thousands of people just like you lose weight, feel great and lead healthier lives. The SlimGenics Program is based on proven scientific principles with individualized nutrition plans—using real, everyday foods—plus weight-loss education, personal support and advice for healthy living. It’s everything you need to guide you on your path to weight loss and developing good habits for overall health, wellness and weight management.

About SlimGenics Edina

Guaranteed weight-loss is right around the corner at the SlimGenics Weight-Loss Center in Edina. Stop by the corner of York and Hazelton, in the Yorktown Plaza, or make an appointment today to meet our supportive Program Advisors. You’ll learn how to lose weight through a balanced nutritional plan that includes real food. Begin your personalized weight-loss program today.

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