Inspring Mother Daughter Weight Loss Duos

She gave you life, could fix any boo-boo with a single kiss, helped you pick out your Prom dress, and will always be your biggest fan. They could easily make a superhero in her honor! She’s your mom. Super Mom. And while the job of Super Mom is 24/7/365, we have 1 day to celebrate everything she does! Which is why it was such an honor to interview and photograph these amazing mother daughter weight loss duos at the SlimGenics studio.

Mom Cindy and her daughter, Heather (both pictured above middle), each lost 30 pounds with SlimGenics, and they loved the fact that they could do it together.

“We did it together, and it’s easier to do the plan with somebody,” Cindy noted, as Heather added, “we put on the weight together; it was really nice to take it off together!”

Heather, who is now a mother herself, wanted to be able to keep up with her kids, which was her main goal of getting to a healthy weight. Cindy and Heather, who had both been living in an unhealthy cycle, realized that they didn’t want this unhealthy lifestyle to translate into their next generation, as Heather shared, “I realized I wasn’t being a healthy role model for my kids.”

This is one of the great things about the SlimGenics STEP™ Program – the healthy eating habits you learn can be picked up by those around you, sort of like a healthy lifestyle revolution!

Mom Sarah (pictured above left) lost 32 pounds, 27 inches, all of her cholesterol medication, and almost all of her blood pressure medication after learning how to eat a well-balanced and nutritious meal plan with SlimGenics. Her daughter, Meghann, has always been a huge supporter of Sarah’s new healthy lifestyle, and she was on-set with us to help her mom with make-up and styling. They were joking about how they can share clothes now, and Sarah added that there have been a few times since joining SlimGenics that she’s purchased new clothes and never even wore them because she was already too small.

With her 50th birthday and 3 weddings this summer, Sarah gleamed as she stated, “I’m so excited to see all of them, and I’m excited for them to see me!” To celebrate turning 50, Sarah and her husband of 20 years are going to the hot springs, and she smiled as she said, “my husband is so excited because he gets to see me in a bathing suit. And not just any bathing suit – a 2-piece!”

Sandy (pictured above right), 67, was joined on set by her grand-daughter, 18-year old Katie, who commented that “she’s more fun to do stuff with because she actually wants to do stuff – sometimes I feel like she has more energy than me!” To which Sandy responded, “I feel like I’m 18, again.”

For 35 years, Sandy has been seeing the same doctor who had been trying to get her to lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle. With every visit, her doctor is more excited and more proud of her success, and has even taken her off of her high blood pressure medication.

This summer, friends of Sandy’s son are having a shower, and she excitedly noted, “all of these kids were like my family, and they’ve never seen me like this!”

Throughout her weight loss journey, Sandy would talk about this one corduroy suit that her husband bought her 20 years ago that she’s never been able to wear. That was her goal – to be able to fit into that beautiful corduroy jacket; and after losing 73 pounds with SlimGenics, the jacket is a perfect fit and Sandy looks absolutely beautiful!


Congratulations to all of our successful clients! It’s your hard work and dedication that allows us to continue our mission of helping people live healthy lives, and to put an end to the obesity epidemic. And a special thank you to moms – you really do deserve to have a superhero in your honor!


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