Weight-Loss Support Made Easy

Our team of expert Weight Loss Consultants is here to support, guide and inspire you every step of the way, whenever and wherever you need us. Through one-on-one phone, video or email counseling with our Weight Loss Consultants, you will receive the support necessary to lose your weight and embrace healthy practices. Clients love receiving the guidance, structure and the encouragement they need to stay accountable to their health goals.

Receive Support As Often as You Would Like 

Contact us as often as you would like! With your SlimGenics Weight Loss Program, you will receive a free trial with our Slim Support Team. During that time, reach out whenever you need us and we will be there! If you love our support, adding more months is affordable and available anytime.

Weight-Loss Support Whenever and Wherever You Need It

Phone Support Available Six Days a Week

On the SlimGenics Weight Loss Program, support is never more than a call away. Call us six days a week to chat with an expert Weight Loss Consultant who will make you feel supported and excited to continue on your journey. Once you begin your program, you will enjoy a direct line to your very own weight-loss team of experts, anytime you need.

One-on-One Video Support

With SlimGenics, you are never alone on your weight-loss journey. Our expert Weight Loss Consultants are here to support you every step of the way. Enjoy expert weight-loss coaching from a friendly member of our team who will answer your every question and assist with any challenge you face.

Email Us Whenever You Need Us

Contact us by email anytime! We LOVE to answer your questions, provide guidance and support you in any way you need. Need help understanding a nutritional label? We’re here to help! Have a question about your program? We have an expert ready to answer.

Contact us often for:

Nutritional Guidance

No matter the challenge, we can help you find foods you will love

Essential Support

One-on-one encouragement and support from expert Weight Loss Consultants

Helpful Reinforcement

Support every step of the way as cheerleaders, problem-solvers and educators

Weigh-In Assistance

We show you how to track progress and stay motivated

Phone, Video and Email Support

Your very own team of experts available however you need

Personalized Feedback

Individualized advice on overcoming your specific plateaus

Health Tips

Healthy solutions tailored to your lifestyle and unique challenges


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