Hearty Soup the Healthy Way

It is getting to be that time “Chilly” time of the year again. That’s when a bowl of hot, hearty soup can warm the body and satisfy the tummy. Did you know studies have shown that if you consume soup before your main course you will eat less of the main entrée? That equals less calories. A perfect meal of a soup and salad with lean protein will provide the fiber and energy you need to carry you throughout the day or evening. However, certain soups can be deceiving, with tons of hidden sodium and other ingredients that inhibit weight loss.

For a healthy soup option, always read the label! I try to avoid those supermarket bouillon cubes, as the ingredients tend to include corn syrup and hydrogenated oil products (also known as MSG), and the sodium content is high. As a healthy bouillon alternative, I prefer using miso, which is a fermented soybean paste. Think of miso as a bouillon with benefits! I use the yellow miso to replace chicken bouillon and the red, brown rice or barley miso to replace beef bouillon. Another option to replace beef broth with an on-plan alternative, is to use Bragg® Liquid Aminos.

How to Cure a Cold Naturally

If you, your family member or friends come down with a common cold, here is my proven remedy: Take a cup of boiling water and stir in with a whisk. Add one tablespoon of your favorite miso and turn off the heat to preserve the living enzymes, which aid digestion. Sprinkle in a couple shakes of cayenne pepper and stir. The antioxidants in the cayenne, along with the zinc in miso will nurse you back to good health in no time at all!

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