There Is No “Magic” Number For Healthy Weight


This week, I was thinking about what I do when I prepare for a vacation. And, I have to admit,I obsess on the scale. Leading up to the trip I think, “If I can just get 2 ½ pounds off, my vacation will be perfect.” But then, I stop to think about it. I’m already at a healthy weight. I just obsess about the number on the scale then forget all of the other ways I should measure my success and I know I’m not the only one who does that.

Whether we are in Weight Reduction or Weight Control, we can so easily get caught up with that, “magic number” that we lose sight of all the other positive changes we’re making in our lives. I know this because I can get so caught up in what the scale says that it affects my ability to see the amazing results that I have achieved on this program. Yes, the scale does need to move down toward that goal healthy weight number (and stay there), but that number is not the REASON that you’re losing weight.

When you dream about being at your goal healthy weight, it’s much bigger than seeing that number pop up on the scale. A number is just a number. SlimGenics is about looking and FEELING great! It’s about having more energy, more confidence and more fun. It’s about being happier, healthier and living your best possible life.

That “magic number” doesn’t make all of these things happen. It’s what you are doing to get to that number that does!

By following the SlimGenics plan, you are doing really good things for your body! You are eating more real food and less empty calorie junk. You are drinking more water and less soda. You are making better choices and getting in more nutrients and fiber. You are improving your health and your life every day for the long term, not short term results.

Today, I’m asking you to pause and give yourself credit for all of the amazing changes in your body and your life that you’ve achieved so far. Focus on all of the good things you’re doing for yourself and be proud of your accomplishments.

Can’t think of anything good to focus on? Here are some ways to measure your success:

-You have lost inches! Maybe you have dropped a few clothing sizes and you’re fitting into clothes you haven’t worn for years.

-Perhaps your doctor has decreased your medication or your blood pressure is improving.

-You are sleeping better, have more energy or can breathe more easily.

-Maybe you have less pain, are more flexible and can tie your shoes without straining!

-Your digestion may have improved—are you finding yourself taking fewer antacids?

-You are teaching your family to eat healthier and you are a positive role model for your kids.

-As for me, I usually do get those 2 ½ pounds off for my vacation. But, more importantly, I was reminded that I deserve to feel good about myself and my accomplishments. Although we all like seeing that number go down on the scale, don’t forget that you also are helping yourself look great, feel great, live longer and be an example for others.

For those reasons, I want you to keep your head up even on weeks where the scale doesn’t budge. For those reasons, I want you to look at yourself in the mirror today, smile and resolve to always have a great vacation no matter what that scale says!

And, remember while you’re on vacation to keep these tips in mind to stay off the pounds.

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