6 Tips to Avoid Sneaky Weight Gain

slim and trim woman holding a water bottle. water is important for your body.

We’re living in the age of awareness when it comes to our health. With so many resources such as SlimGenics, staying healthy has never been so attainable. That is why it is so frustrating when the occasional weight gain tries … Continued

The Romaine Lettuce Alternatives You Need to Try

another romaine lettuce alternative

Ok, it’s kind of a scary time to be eating Romaine lettuce. It seems like more and more we are seeing FDA notices about e-coli outbreaks and stores hurriedly remove all lettuce products from the shelves. It’s sort of a … Continued

Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Adult woman is sitting in park and blowing nose. She is having allergy.

With the dawning of Spring comes beautiful weather, delightful flowers, outdoor adventures… and dreaded allergies. According to Discovery Health, over 36 million people suffer with seasonal allergies (also called hay fever) that can leave them feeling miserable during the Spring … Continued

How Timing Can Affect Your Metabolism

Alarm clock and berries in lunch box and fruits on wooden table

The SlimGenics Weight Loss Program advocates for proper meal timing so our clients can experience the best results possible and we want to take a few moments to showcase just how important meal timing is when it comes to your … Continued

5 Healthy Foods to Protect Your Teeth

Healthy Nutrition. Closeup Portrait Of Beautiful Smiling Woman With Perfect Smile

Have you ever had a dream that your teeth break off and fall out? A 2012 study showed that dreams such as these are surprisingly common with over 39% of people regularly having them and are perhaps indicative of two … Continued

Your Guide to Quality Health Solutions

SlimGenics Health and Wellness Supplements are your essential high-quality, effective health solutions. Every supplement is crafted to address the specific biological challenges faced by individuals seeking to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. With so many supplement companies and options … Continued

Valentine’s Treats You Will LOVE

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to remind ourselves to share our feelings of love and adoration for those who make our lives better. It is also a major holiday that pushes wildly unhealthy food items on consumers that can … Continued

Your Guide to Staying Energized All Day

It’s 2 PM in the afternoon and you’re desperately fighting to keep your eyelids from closing as you slip into the mid-day stretch of low energy. As you internally yell at yourself to “Wake up!”, you begin to wonder, “What … Continued

5 Ways to Improve Your Health RIGHT NOW

Weight loss and healthy lifestyle change are the summation of the efforts we take each day to improve our lives. Feeling and looking better takes commitment and time, however, the great news is; there are steps you can take RIGHT … Continued

Delicious and Delightful Finger Foods

baked mushroom finger food for weight loss

There is something infinitely charming and extremely fun about eating finger foods. Perhaps it’s the young child in all of us that will always enjoy eating with our hands and rather than avoid it, let’s embrace the fun! For your … Continued

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