Give Thanks for Your Best Year Yet

Happy Thanksgiving! This holiday, what are you thankful for? Looking slimmer, feeling healthier, having more energy? Are you thankful for the support you get from SlimGenics? Are you glad that you have stayed on plan and are reaping the benefits?

It is a great time to reflect on all the hard work you’ve done and how far you’ve come. Even if you’ve only been on plan a few weeks or even days, Thanksgiving is the time to adopt an attitude of gratitude, and your health should be #1 on your list.

Give Thanks for Your Best Year Yet

That being said, with the temptations of Thanksgiving looming, focus on your success. When you center your thoughts on continued success and meeting your weight loss goal, it’s easy to say “no” to the pumpkin pie and gravy. Just think about the delicious, on-plan treats you can have—turkey, sweet potatoes (minus the marshmallows of course), green beans…the list goes on!

Here are a few fun Thanksgiving ideas to stay happy and healthy this holiday:

  • Do a Fun Run with your friends and family, like a Turkey Trot or a 5K
  • Make the focus on the gathering rather than the food
  • Enjoy a Thermo-Boost® during cocktail hour, or one of these tasty mocktails!
  • Ask every family member what they are thankful for before eating
  • Pass on the seconds and enjoy healthy leftovers the next day
  • Enjoy an on-plan sweet treat to take your mind off fattening desserts

Have a healthy Holiday!

– Kim C.

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