Get Beach-Ready Now!

Summer is here, and with it comes the season of tank tops, poolside weekends, and outdoor activities! If you’re not quite ready to strut your stuff at the pool, know that you’re not alone and there’s still plenty of time to slim down for summer. there’s no time like the present to start going the extra mile to get in shape. Here are a few tips to get slim for summer in no time:

  • Make an inspiration board. Having visual reminders of why you want to lose weight can be extremely helpful when those cravings hit! Be sure to include motivational words or phrases, as well as specific goals and images that will inspire you to stay on track.
  • Mark your calendar. Get a wall calendar and every day that you stay on plan, cross it off and know that you are one day closer to an even better body! After you’ve crossed off so many days in a row, reward yourself for staying on track.
  • Speaking of rewards… Rewarding yourself for all of your hard work along the way makes the journey that much more enjoyable! When you reach different benchmarks – for example, 5 days of consistently exercising for 30 minutes per day – reward yourself with something that will benefit your beach body!
  • Add 15 minutes of movement in every day. Studies show that getting just 15 minutes of exercise in each day can add three years to your life! A fringe benefit is a tighter, more toned body, so make a promise to yourself to make this little change—it has big benefits!
  • Go shopping! A trick is to buy the bathing suit you want to wear this summer before you’re ready to wear it. Hang it up outside your closet and every morning when you get up to walk the dog or make your breakfast, you can see what you are working toward.
  • Banish excuses. “I can’t,” “I’m too tired” or “I tried” can lead to “I failed.” Don’t let failure happen! Banish excuses from your vocabulary and stay accountable to someone. This could be a SlimGenics Program Advisor or your best friend – tell them to join you in banishing excuses until you reach your goal.
  • Stay focused. Whenever you feel like you are going to get off track, you need to have reinforcements. Whether that is your “before” picture or your skinny jeans, bring out the reinforcements to boost your willpower and get through this tough time. If that doesn’t work, visit the SlimGenics Online Community and seek support from your peers. Remember, you can do it!

SlimGenics gives you all the tools you need to achieve a healthy weight – kick it into high gear and you can be beach-ready for summer!

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