Feeding the Hungry This Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time to gather with loved ones, sharing stories over a delicious meal. But what if you couldn’t afford to feed your family this year? For many Americans, that’s a reality. In fact, according to research from the USDA, approximately 1 in 6 people in the U.S. struggle to put food on the table.

The holidays present a bigger challenge for families with school-aged children, as many families rely on the free or reduced-price school lunches as a major source of basic nutrition for their kids. As kids are home for nearly a month over the holidays, many families are faced with the decision between going cheap – noodles and sandwiches – or providing healthy, well-balanced meals. For the many families living in economically challenging situations, the decision has already been made for them, and they are forced to go the noodle route.

Our main focus in our Weight Loss Centers is to provide the education, support and accountability our clients need in order to reach their health and weight loss goals; however, we realize that obesity in America is not the only nutrition issue. Through the SlimGenics Foundation, we are able to support local non-profits that are also fighting to end childhood malnutrition while providing nutritional education in our communities!

With the launch of the new STEP in the Kitchen™ cookbook, SlimGenics decided to make an additional donation to the SlimGenics Foundation, giving a portion of pre-sale proceeds back to the community. With the help of our amazing clients, we will be donating $4,000 to help provide food for those in need this holiday season!

Donations will be given to the following organizations that are doing incredible work in our communities:

  • Colorado – The Denver Rescue Mission offers emergency services to thousands of needy people throughout the year to meet people at their physical point of need, including Family Services that help families get back on their feet.
  • Minnesota – Sharing and Caring Hands provides food, clothing, shelter, transportation assistance, medical and dental help to more than 20,000 people in the Twin Cities each month.
  • Ohio – The City Mission exists to serve men, women and children at their point of crisis by progressing them towards stability, employment and independent housing through education, youth programming, and much more.
Get Inspired, Healthy For the Holidays

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