Farm to School Month

In 2007, a revolution was started to get more locally farmed foods in schools, and in 2010 the passage of House Resolution 1655 brought National Farm to School Month into a reality. The idea behind Farm to School Month is to teach kids about healthy eating and the origins of their foods, and to also support local economies and improve child nutrition.

With childhood obesity rates on the rise, it is encouraging to see programs like this gain momentum and national support! And while healthy eating programs have been gaining in popularity, we still have a long way to go before they’re considered mainstream.

Here are 4 ways that you can celebrate National Farm to School month:

  1. Is your state on the Farm to School map? So far 38 states, along with the District of Columbia, have legislation supporting the Farm to School movement – check this map or download the State Farm to School Legislative Survey report to learn more!
  2. Write to your elected officials. Make sure your officials know that this is an important issue, share the report with them, and ask how they are planning to address the growing childhood malnutrition epidemic with healthy school programs for kids.
  3. Support your local farmers by visiting farmer’s markets and roadside vegetable stands! Buying locally is a great way to guarantee that your foods are fresh, and you know exactly where they came from. Plus, it’s a great way to support your local community.
  4. Celebrate Farm to School month at home! Find out what your area is doing for Farm to School month in schools, and continue the education at home with your family. If your school has yet to sign on and implement healthy eating programs for kids, then try taking a family trip to a local community garden to learn more about sustainable eating programs!

As a SlimGenics client, you are learning how to nourish your body with real food and healthful supplements. It’s time to raise awareness for childhood obesity and malnutrition! The youngest generation in America is counting on us to be their health advocates; they are counting on YOU to spread the word about the importance of nutritious foods and your new healthy lifestyle! For more information about Youth Weight Loss programs, call or visit your local SlimGenics Center today.

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