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SlimGenics Weight Loss Program

The SlimGenics equation for success is rooted in sound nutritional science and is personalized to fit your lifestyle. We make your success easy! Don’t wait another minute — Experience the SlimGenics difference!



Healthy Living begins with a balanced nutritional plan. On your SlimGenics Program, you still enjoy a variety of everyday foods. You will have the flexibility to enjoy delicious meals and snacks while losing weight in a safe and healthy manner.*


Your Program Advisors use science-based resources designed to educate you on how to lose weight, manage challenges and address the key factors that have been shown to attribute to weight gain. The education you receive will help you to maintain your results long term.*


During your one-on-one meetings with Program Advisors, you will receive the support necessary to embrace healthy practices while losing your weight quickly. Because losing weight requires accountability, our Program Advisors will provide the guidance, structure and encouragement you need to stay accountable to your health goals.*

Healthy Lifestyle

The SlimGenics Program is a proven, effective nutrition-based approach to weight loss. You receive an easy-to-follow, individualized food plan along with one-on-one support and guidance for nutritious meal planning. You will lose weight fast and, most importantly, receive the tools and education necessary to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle for long-term weight management.*

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