Exercise and Weight Loss

SlimGenics clients frequently ask about exercise and weight loss, how it affects weight loss, and whether they specifically should consider it as part of their routine. The main question is always whether or not exercise is essential for weight loss – and we’re here to answer these questions!

Many people have the experience with exercise of doing miles of cardio training only to realize that they’re getting nowhere in their weight loss efforts. So, we are left with the question: Is exercise really necessary to lose weight? While we’d love to answer this seemingly simple question with a simple answer, the real answer is that it depends. It depends on your eating habits, your current and goal weights, medical history, and how you want your body to look moving forward (yes, you have a choice!).

We’ve all heard the term “muscle weighs more than fat”. What this means is that if we had 2 equally sized portions of muscle and fat, the muscle portion would be heavier, and 1 pound of muscle is going to be smaller than 1 pound of fat. While lean muscle mass raises your metabolism and increases thermogenesis, it is more dense than fat and gaining muscle mass can often cause confusion on the scale. While strength and resistance training does build some muscle mass, it’s usually not enough for people to be worried about in regards to derailing your weight loss progress. In fact, it may help shed pounds more quickly because your body will begin to convert fat to muscle at an increased rate.

It is true that people who regularly exercise are at significantly lower risk for many diseases and are less likely to develop cancer, diabetes and many other illnesses. Regular physical activity also helps to improve mental health, cognitive ability and quality of sleep. Exercise and weight loss seem to go hand-in-hand; however, while exercising is incredibly important for overall health and well-being, it is not a vital component to losing weight. Recent research argues that it’s more about what you eat, not how hard you try to work it off that matters more in terms of losing the weight that comes from fat content. For this reason, the SlimGenics Program recommends exercise, but does not require it for the “SlimGenics Guarantee.”

With this in mind, it’s also important to point out that lean people stay lean by eating well and moving often. If you are looking to incorporate exercise into your routine, you’ll want to work toward a formal exercise routine that will work for your schedule, long-term. Keep in mind that exercise is a supplement to your meal plan, and should only be used to expedite your weight loss results, not to make up for a “cheat” when you went off-plan. You will also want to continue exercising after losing your weight, because exercise is the strongest predictor of weight management.

The best time to start moving is now, and while SlimGenics doesn’t require exercise for weight loss, your body does require movement for it to function at its best! Start small and build for optimum results.

For best results with exercise and weight loss, here are a few tips for incorporating movement into your day:

      • Park further from the entrance
      • Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator
      • Watch the NEW SlimGenics Fast Fit Tips Video
      • Go the long route to the bathroom
      • Take a lunchtime lap around your home or workplace
      • Walk over to your coworkers desk instead of shooting them an email
      • Wake up a few minutes early and go for a walk around your neighborhood
      • Go for a walk after dinner

Adding in a little movement each day is key to overall health. However, if you want to raise your metabolism without doing strength training, be sure to eat all of the food on your plan and take Metabolizer Herbs. These natural herbal blends are designed to increase your metabolism and fat-burning capabilities to see even faster weight loss results.

The key is to let your Program Advisor know what your training schedule is so they can factor that into your overall weight loss program. While exercise is not required on the SlimGenics Program and you will experience results with or without it as long as you are following your plan, we do encourage movement and exercise as it can help to increase weight loss and decrease plateaus!

If you want more guidance on nutrition plus exercise management, schedule your complimentary consultation at one of our conveniently-located centers today and receive a FREE Body Composition analysis.

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