Everyday Detox

The three pillars of detox are: intake, elimination and storage. However, prevention should also be added as part of the intake.

Detox is not something someone undergoes once or twice a year as a complete “cleanse” for the body (that has its benefits too and will be blogged about in the future). But it needs to become a daily practice, or habit. By supporting daily detoxification practices, we see better weight loss results, prevent unnecessary weight gain and support overall good health.

How To Incorporate a Daily Detox Into Your Schedule:

Get Enough Fiber: A simple detox practice is merely to consume fiber. It binds toxins in the bowel and prevents their absorption. It also speeds the transit of wastes from your body through to elimination. As you know, fiber comes from food sources as well as supplements. Eating right is critical.  Here’s another post with 5 foods to detox your body in the new year.

Maintain Liver Health: Your major detox organ is your liver, and anything you can do to support it is key to supporting detox and to losing weight. Taking your SlimGenics Vita-Slim™ Multi-Vitamins will support a healthy liver, as will avoiding chemical intakes, like sodas.

Work Up a Sweat: sweating releases stored chemical load from your fat tissue and allows it to be eliminated through your skin, as well as urine. If you don’t like exercise, try going to a sauna regularly. It will make you sweat and help remove the chemical load. Infrared saunas are particularly good for this. Use a dry loofah brush to exfoliate, remove extra chemical load and prevent it from being re-absorbed.

Drink Water: hydrate across the entire day for best detox. Adding fresh lime or lemon is an added detox benefit, as the acids and micronutrients in these fruits are particularly beneficial for your digestive and liver detox functions.

Detox Through Prevention: this sounds like a no-brainer, but most people don’t know where the majority of their food chemicals come from. If you think fruits and vegetables, you couldn’t be more incorrect. A full 90 percent of your ingested food chemical load actually comes from conventional meat, dairy and fish. If you want to prevent this, then try when possible to get organic or hormone/antibiotic-free choices in these categories. I choose to spend my dollars here, rather than organic fruits or vegetables. Avoid soda when possible. Sodas are merely a chemical elixir, providing 99 percent of our ingested fluid chemical load.

Try to incorporate these tips into your daily routine, and you will see a big difference!


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