Diabetes and Obesity: Diabesity


In the 1970s, researchers coined a term for the strong link between obesity and disease, particularly diabetes. Diabesity was born into the academic circles back then, and recently has been popularized by a number of health authors and physicians. If you haven’t heard this term before, you will certainly see it rebounding from the media and the health articles of the future.

Diabesity refers to any one of the metabolic imbalances related to body weight and blood sugars: pre-diabetes, diabetes, insulin resistance, syndrome X, metabolic syndrome, all of these conditions are in fact, diabesity, just with differing degrees of severity.

The majority of Americans have some level of diabesity, and there are many myths surrounding this reversible condition. One of the biggest myths we face is that it’s hopeless to cure because it’s genetic; not true. Genetics might pre-dispose you to getting diabesity, but what turns those genes on or off are six basic lifestyle patterns. We can turn our genetic expression for diabesity either on or off with a few lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes actually treat the root causes, not just the risk factors or the symptoms; which is what medications are designed for. However, it’s important to know that medications are increasingly reported to have serious side affects and to not provide the results that are advertised.

At SlimGenics our clients often reverse their diabesity and often eliminate medications for diabesity through treating the whole system, we can create health and the disease goes away as a side affect.

The six lifestyle factors that are documented to have the best success rate are as follows:

-Boost your nutrition: while on the SlimGenics STEP Plan, you are expected to do things differently . This is by design to assist you with the lifestyle factors that follow, and to begin to create a healthier pattern for the future. Things like consistent meal timing and frequency in order to reduce improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugars; adequate fruit and vegetables for antioxidants and to replace the insufficiencies of nutrients known to be present in 70 percent of Americans (vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, fiber, B12, to name a few).

-Regulate your hormones: there are roughly a dozen hormones required to be balanced for weight loss (not just insulin!). When hormone one goes out of balance they all do. The easiest way to balance them is to eat at regular times, whether or not you’re hungry.

-Reduce your cellular inflammation. You do this by eliminating the majority of the inflammatory foods, like sugars and flour-based starches of bread, pasta, cereals and sweets. Your Plan will accommodate just what you need, without going over-limit on any inflammatory food.

-Improve digestion: regular meals and adequate fiber are the best for this since you want to change your gut bacteria from ones that cause weight gain to ones that cause weight loss. Supplementing with Slim-Ensulate™ is a fantastic addition to your day to boost your gut health and get you absorbing only what you need. Poor gut health means more inflammation and absorbing too many fats, sugars and calories.

-Maximize detoxification: we are all toxic because of our environment and our food sources. The trick is to facilitate the body’s natural detox systems. Your Plan does this by promoting the four steps above plus adding the SlimGenics line of supplements designed with specific ingredients to support your bowel and liver detox pathways.

-Focus on your thought life: how you think about yourself and how you deal with stress are key pillars to weight loss and weight control. Neuroscience has proven that our thoughts create chemical realities in our bodies, and that relaxation techniques like meditation, stretching (or yoga), massage, laughing and even short walks outside are critical to superb weight loss.

By staying on plan and following these steps, you can reverse diabesity and live your best life possible at a healthy weight. How do you implement these steps into your everyday life? I’d love to hear specifically how you focus on your thought life. Share your tips and techniques here!

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