Daily Detox

What is detoxing, exactly? Simply put, it involves cleansing the liver, reducing inflammation, and eliminating toxins from the body. While there are detox cleanses that can be used a few times per year to help the body eliminate toxins, there’s something to be said for supporting the detoxification process every day. This “daily detox” helps the body to see better weight loss results by preventing unnecessary weight gain, and to support overall health and wellness.

There are 3 pillars to a detox, which include intake, elimination and storage. And while this daily detox doesn’t take the place of regular “cleansing” a few times per year, it is something that should become a daily habit!

Guide to a Daily Detox:

  • Get Enough Fiber: Along with helping the body to eliminate waste more quickly, fiber helps to bind toxins in the bowel, and prevents their absorption. Preventing the absorption of toxins is vital during weight loss, as it can help to repair the root causes of weight regain. While certain foods are high in fiber, such as legumes (new on the SlimGenics STEP™ Program), certain fruits and seeds, it can be difficult to ensure that you’re getting enough fiber in your diet. That’s why SlimGenics created Slim-Ensulate™, because not all fiber is created equal.
  • Maintain Liver Health: Your major detox organ is your liver, and anything you can do to support it is key to supporting detox and to losing weight. Taking your Vita-Slim™ Multi-Vitamins will support a healthy liver, as will avoiding chemical intakes, like sodas.
  • Work Up a Sweat: Sweating releases the chemicals and toxins from storage fat, and allows it to be eliminated through your skin, and through urine. If you’re not quite up for exercising, try going to a sauna regularly. Regular sweat-sessions will help your body eliminate these chemicals, making it easier for your body to process storage fat as energy!
  • Dry Brushing: As you’re sweating out these toxins, it’s important to prevent them from being re-absorbed – use a loofah or exfoliating brush to remove the toxins from your skin. Another great benefit of dry brushing is that it helps to increase circulation to the skin, clear clogged pores, and encourages cell renewal of the largest organ in your body!
  • Drink Water: Staying hydrated is an important aspect for weight loss in general, and is especially important to the detoxification process. Water helps to flush the system of excess chemicals and toxins, and adds necessary hydration to keep cells healthy! Try adding fresh lime or lemon as an added detox benefit – the acids and micronutrients in these fruits are particularly beneficial for your digestive and liver detox functions.
  • Detox Through Prevention: This sounds like a no-brainer, but most people don’t know where the majority of their food chemicals come from. Around 90% of your ingested toxins come from conventional meat, dairy and fish. Fortunately, these toxins and chemicals can be avoided by purchasing organic, wild-caught, or hormone/antibiotic free options. Another powerful detox tips is to avoid soda whenever possible as sodas are merely a chemical elixir, providing 99% of our ingested fluid chemical load.

Try to incorporate these daily detox tips into your daily routine, and you will see a big difference!

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