Be a Healthy Role Model

Are you the first of your friends to adopt a trend? Were you the first in your family to graduate from college? Are you the first to hear about community events? Whether you’re a natural trendsetter or you follow the trends, weight loss is something that you can feel confident speaking up about, even if you are the “odd man out” in your inner circle.

Maybe you’ve lost 5 lbs. or even 50 lbs., no matter where you are in your weight loss journey, start looking at yourself as a nutritional leader and weight loss inspiration. You’ll find yourself walking a little taller and inviting attention left and right.

When you position yourself as a health and weight loss resource to friends, family or even strangers, you’ll find people much more at ease discussing their goals with you. Put yourself in a position to help and counsel rather than compete and all of a sudden your own personal weight loss journey has become a vehicle to allow you to mentor others!

It’s really amazing what one small change can do. It’s contagious. Changing your eating habits can change your life and the lives of others who are fortunate enough to be close to you. Reach out and make a difference today!

Your Health

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