Avoid the Snack Attack!

Obesity is an epidemic that continues to spread across the nation for both adults and youth. Remember that you can make a difference by making simple changes. It’s easy to give in to unhealthy patterns when a snack attack hits, but here’s the good news—there are plenty of options that are as tasty as they are healthy. The best part is, they are on-plan and easy to grab and eat on the go! Check out these snack ideas, so you and your family can be prepared the next time your stomach growls in between meals. Enjoy!

Melon balls

Greek yogurt and berry “sundae”

Homemade kale chips

Dill Pickles*

Cocktail meatballs made with ground sirloin

Cocktail Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce*

Homemade sweet potato chips

Brownie bites (Brownie Bar Thermo-Snack cut into bite-sized pieces)

Watermelon wedges

Mexican hot chocolate (Creamy Hot Chocolate Thermo-Snack with cinnamon and vanilla extract)

Cottage cheese with pepper


Protein shake

Thermo-Snack mix (Pretzels, Zippers and Crunch-O’s)

Slim Julius*

Apple slices with cinnamon

Peach crepe roll-ups (Fry 2 eggs, beaten, in a skillet to form a thin layer. Roll crepe around peaches cooked with cinnamon and sugar-free sweetener, and enjoy!)


Wasa crackers with cottage cheese and homemade salsa

Watermelon wedges

Mini meat and veggie kabobs

Fruit salad with yogurt

Veggies and Cucumber Vegetable Dip*

Scallop skewers

Pudding pops (frozen pudding Thermo-Snack on sticks)

Zucchini Muffins*

Mini beef sliders

Grilled chicken skewers with curried yogurt dip

Salted cucumber slices (with Morton® Lite Salt)

Pineapple ring stackers

Lettuce wraps (Mix ground turkey or sirloin with salt-free Thai seasoning; fill lettuce leaf, wrap up and go!)


*Denotes a recipe found in SlimGenics In the Kitchen Cookbook

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