How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Affect Weight Loss?

Recently, on our Facebook page, there was some discussion around the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and how to incorporate it into your plan. As a SlimGenics client, you are probably aware of, and even frequently use, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a part of your weight loss plan. You know that it helps with weight loss; you know it’s good for you, but do you know why? There is historical and current research proving all the positive benefits of this naturally slimming condiment, and there are specific ways to take this so you do not damage your tooth enamel.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for thousands of years not only for health reasons, but also as a cleansing agent to remove bacteria, germs, odors, and even stains and spots. Apple Cider Vinegar is still widely used throughout the world today for its medicinal as well as its antibacterial and germ-fighting properties.

Many of the benefits of ACV stem from its fermentation process. This is a process in which bacteria and yeast break down sugars in food. In the first stage of fermentation, the sugars are turned into alcohol. Then, if the alcohol ferments further, you get vinegar. The word comes from the French, meaning, “sour wine.” While vinegar can be made from all sorts of things–like many fruits, vegetables, and grains–Apple Cider Vinegar comes from pulverized apples.

Natural non-distilled or raw Apple Cider Vinegar should be a rich, brownish color and if held to the light you might see tiny “cobweb-like” substances. This is called the “mother” and is a naturally occurring formation of strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules. You should avoid clear ACV as it has been distilled of the mother and therefore lacks the nutrients found in the raw from.

Non-distilled ACV has been used to:

  • Reduce water retention
  • Improve digestion and cure constipation
  • Balance high cholesterol
  • Prevent muscle fatigue after exercise
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase metabolism, which promotes weight loss
  • Remove toxins and waste products from the body

The main ingredient of ACV, or any vinegar, is acetic acid. It also contains other acids, vitamins, beta-carotene, and minerals like potassium, chlorine, magnesium, sodium and calcium. The nutritional content along with the acetic acid provides the healing properties and it has a low pH; promoting good health. As we get older, we lose acid in our stomach. Poor eating habits can also decrease the amount of stomach acids. When we have less acid in our stomachs, it is harder for our bodies to digest food. Using ACV daily to promote digestion can help alleviate constipation and water retention while increasing the amount of nutrients absorbed from foods.

So, how do you incorporate ACV into your daily diet? One precaution is the acid vinegar contains can wear away the enamel on your teeth so it should not be consumed by itself. Instead add it to water or put it on food to dilute the acid. The traditional healing dosage for recommended to SlimGenics clients is two tablespoons a day. It can be added to 8 oz. of water and consumed at once or can be added to a liter and sipped though out the day. It can also be added to a small glass of warm water and consumed very quickly. Some people add a bit of a non-calorie sweetener like Splenda® to reduce the tart flavor.

ACV also makes a wonderful fat-free salad dressing which will make those two tablespoons go much farther! As an added benefit, dark, leafy greens are good sources of calcium, but some of these greens also contain compounds that inhibit calcium absorption. Fortunately a few splashes of ACV on those greens will allow the body to absorb much easier. Consider adding it to our Spinach Salad Chicken and Pear or the Mediterranean Salad with Lentils for a different dressing twist.

Try this with your next meal, if you haven’t already, and start seeing the amazing benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar!

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