8 Tips to Transform Your Relationship with Food

The relationships you cultivate with friends and family are important, and just as important is your relationship with food. We all need food to survive. It provides us with nutrients and energy to allow us to tackle anything life throws at us. Your diet also controls much more, from your mood to how you feel. Here are some tips for transforming your relationship with food into a healthy one.

Naturally Curb Your Appetite

Simple, healthy tricks can help you to naturally suppress your appetite. First up is hydration. Water is one of the most important aspects of a weight-loss regimen. Dehydration can mask itself as hunger and perpetuate empty-calorie intake or overeating. Drink a glass of water before every meal and notice how you feel more satisfied without overeating. Another method is to fill up on healthy raw green vegetables. Serve every meal with a salad and eat it first. If you fill up on vegetables, you’re less likely to overeat during the remainder of your meal.

Let Go of Yo-Yo Dieting

The yo-yo diet habit creates a cycle of all-or-nothing. With some diets, you are cutting out entire food groups or eating prepackaged meals or shakes. For most of us, this isn’t a sustainable eating lifestyle. At SlimGenics, we believe you should be able to enjoy fresh, healthy food and lose weight by learning proper nutritional habits that allow you to sustain your results. Knowing you can hop right back on track after a misstep will allow you to embrace your healthy eating habits, rather than cycling through them with an all-or-nothing mentality.

Avoid Binge Eating

Binge eating is an unhealthy behavior that can stem from not getting enough calories, not practicing proper meal time and ratios, skipping meals or an emotional catalyst. Avoid binge eating by always having healthy snacks on hand and by eating every 2 to 3 hours.

Identify Triggers

Whether you are an emotional eater, snack when you’re bored or overeat in social settings, it’s important to identify triggers and challenging situations. If you know social situations may result in in overindulgence, eat before, bring thermo-snacks to munch on and focus on the conversation. Concentrate on the social aspect of the engagement, rather than the food. If you are an emotional eater, direct your feelings or frustrations toward exercise, meditation or creative endeavors. Get up and take a walk or carve out fifteen minutes every morning for deep-breathing exercises.

Stop Punishing Yourself

Instead of beating yourself up about an unplanned unhealthy meal or missed gym date, know that tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities to start over. Focus on what you are doing right! If you start feeling bad about something, write down one or two good things you did that day. This will help you to understand that one misstep doesn’t void your healthy victories.

Rework Your Lifestyle

Eating can be a communal event. Gathering with friends and family around food and drink at BBQs, birthday parties, sporting events and more is a common occurrence. Remember that while food should be enjoyed heartily, it shouldn’t be the focal point of any event. Spending time with people you care about is the reason for any event. Replace mindless grazing with a little more socialization and truly enjoy yourself. Keep in mind that food is fuel!

Foster a Positive Body Image

Making positive affirmations about your body at any stage of your journey is a good practice. Your body is the only place where you will always live—learn to love it!

Pay Attention to How You Feel

Notice how your body feels when you eat good, clean food. Proper diet creates energy and a positive mood. A healthy food plan is directly correlated to how the body feels and eating nutritious food gives your body energy you didn’t even know you were lacking.

Your relationship with food can shape the way you look and feel—why not make it as healthy as possible? Healthy eating is a live it, not a diet. To improve the way you look and feel, change your habits for life. Start today!



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