7 Tips For Successful Weight Loss

Many people who are trying to lose weight, or maintain their weight loss, have similar difficulties. From food cravings and sweet treat temptations to irregular sleep patterns and behavior modification, we have heard it all and have helped clients work through even the toughest struggles.

When these struggles creep up (and unfortunately, they will), it’s helpful to have a weight loss cheat sheet with tips and reminders to help you stay focused on your health goals. Time and again, I refer clients to these simple tips for successful weight loss that have helped me keep the weight off, even during the most chaotic times in my life!

Effective Ways to Lose Weight and Maintain Weight Loss:

  1. Have intention with what you’re eating – are you eating because you’re hungry or bored? Are you eating because you’re stressed? Be sure that you are not mistaking thirst, stress or boredom for hunger.
  2. Read the label and focus on the ingredients instead of the calories. While caloric intake definitely impacts weight loss, hidden sodium and sugars, along with unhealthy fats can add to your toxic load and stall your weight loss.
  3. Stay positive! Did you recently have a “slip-up” or eat off-plan? Don’t get down on yourself! We’re all human, and you’ve already taken a huge step towards health by enrolling in the SlimGenics STEP™ Program. Just be sure to think about why you had that slip-up, and brainstorm ways to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  4. Eat breakfast!! Having a protein-packed breakfast, with a healthy starch, gets your metabolism running and provides your body with fuel.
  5. H20 – keep track of how much water you’re consuming, and make sure you’re getting enough. Water helps to flush toxins out of the body, and prevents you from eating just because you’re dehydrated.
  6. Use a Food Journal to keep track of when, what, and why you’re eating.
  7. Visit your Center regularly – your Program Advisors have the weight loss tips you need to be successful!
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