7 Portion Control Secrets for Weight Loss

Portion control is largely responsible for weight loss. Of course, you need to eat the right foods like fruits, vegetables, starches and proteins but you also have to consume the appropriate portions. Here are some tips to help you get it right, every time.


1) Measurement: SlimGenics makes it easy – your personalized nutrition plan does the thinking for you and provides the portion size. You just have to make sure it’s right when you cook. Instead of guessing, grab a food scale. You can get a food scale for $20 and ensure that the size is right.

2) Keeping a Journal: while this tip may not be a secret, losing weight the “write” way by jotting everything down that you eat can be your weight loss weapon. Accountability, willpower and motivation are all positive byproducts of a well-used journal.

3) Limit tasting while cooking: when you cook for the family, it can be tempting to sample the foods, but remember, it’s better to wait until you can divide the servings between each person. Now, you’ll never eat more than you’re supposed to.

4) Put it on a (dessert) plate: small plates aren’t just for tapas. Putting your meal on a salad or dessert plate makes the portion look bigger and makes it suitable for you to clean your plate. It’s an easy way to make a healthy meal even more satisfying.

5) Stay fuller with fiber: choose foods from your Comprehensive Food List that are high in fiber, such as apples and broccoli to stay fuller, longer. For an extra boost to your digestive system, take Slim-Ensulate™ natural fiber supplement.

6) Don’t put extra food on the table: more food on the table means more opportunities to graze and increase your caloric intake. Don’t even give yourself or others the chance. Limit the food on the table to the exact portions you need.

7) Cue your taste buds: do you ever feel that a meal isn’t complete without dessert? You’re not alone! If you are used to finishing dinner with dessert, establish a new food cue with something sweet, but not detrimental to your weight loss. Try sugar-free gum or save a dessert Thermo-Snack for this reason!

Try these seven portion control secrets when you need the extra willpower to eat only what you intend to. Remember, you can do it!

To learn even more about portion controls and weight loss, visit your local SlimGenics center or schedule your FREE personalized consultation.


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