10 Things to Take to a BBQ

Summer is in full swing, and you’re becoming an expert at having a healthy BBQ with on-plan tips and tricks. And as anyone who has participated in the SlimGenics Program knows, food diversity is key for your weight loss success! Here are some of the ways we like to switch it up at a BBQ with healthy food options and fun activities to help get people up and active.

  1. Instead of bringing hot dogs and burgers, try bringing one of these delicious recipes that are perfect for a healthy BBQ.
  2. Help your friends and family get up and active at your next BBQ with simple yard games like throwing a football or a frisbee, or playing bocce ball.
  3. Fruit infused water is a great option to have at a BBQ for those who don’t want to consume alcohol or soda! Not only does water help to suppress hunger, it also helps regulate the body’s internal temperature – which is extremely important during these hot summer months. Simply add slices of cucumber, pieces of berries, or even sliced lemons and oranges to a full pitcher of ice water.
  4. A veggie tray will add color to your BBQ spread, and will also help remind you about eating your veggies!
  5. Feeling a little low on energy? Then you’ll definitely want to bring your Thermo-Boost® antioxidant energy drink with you. Just toss a pack in your bag so you can sip on it and not be tempted by sodas and other beverages.
  6. Leave the Ranch dressing at home, opting instead for a deliciously on-plan sauce or marinade.
  7. Bring your phone and take a photo of your healthy BBQ food and activities! Be sure to share it with us by using the hashtag #SlimGenics, or by tagging us @SlimGenics.
  8. If you’re worried about being tempted by off-plan foods, be sure to bring your favorite Thermo-Snacks® with you! This protein-packed snack will help you overcome cravings, and will keep you satisfied until it’s time for your next meal.
  9. Don’t feel left out when people are drinking alcoholic beverages! Even though alcohol is not allowed during the Weight Loss phase of the SlimGenics plan, we have many slimming mocktail recipes that are just as delicious as the real thing.
  10. Sunscreen!
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