Get into STEP with SlimGenics

SlimGenics STEP is different. Our plan is built on the principles of Integrated Nutrition, designed to repair the root causes of weight gain. Our plan focuses on science, support and supplementation.

Your SlimGenics STEP Plan:

It's time for a weight loss plan that meets your needs.


Personalized Supplementation:

Targeted supplements get you to your goal... faster.


One-on-One Support:

The secret to your success: accountability and motivation.

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    Your SlimGenics STEP Plan

    Fail-Free means knowing not only what to eat, but when to eat it. And giving you a satisfying, real-life way to eat. One you can stick with for good. We teach you to eat real food—because learning how to lose weight without leaning on packaged portions or counting points is the only way to get where you want.

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    Personalized Supplementation

    SlimGenics has a proprietary blend of nutritional supplements that are of the highest nutraceutical grade available on the market designed for weight loss and long-term weight management. Our supplements are designed to complement your personalized food plan and enhance your weight loss results. Your Program Advisor will help you determine which nutritional supplements will best repair the root causes that are specific to you and to help prevent weight re-gain.

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    One-on-One Support

    Our dedicated Program Advisors are with you every STEP of the way. No appointment is ever needed – just swing by your local Center! The individualized personal experience is essential to your success and the source to answer all of your questions, address challenges and receive the necessary support and motivation to reach your goals.

The perfect program,
no matter who you are.

At SlimGenics, fail-free means there’s no such thing
as one size fits all. That’s why we’ve created programs
for entire companies to follow, for kids, for nursing moms
and for people who don’t live near one of our Centers.
Just call us to find out more.

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Plus, the perfect price.

Diets that fail you get expensive in a hurry.
The SlimGenics STEP Program is an affordable investment
in your health. And while other diets are happy to see you
lose the same weight over and over, fail-free means
getting it off for the long term. Now that's economical weight loss.